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Caravan, Isumi and Sato, Tashkent

Author: Anothertravelguide.com

According to travel guides, this is the best restaurant in Tashkent; the locals tend to agree. Admittedly, it is also the most expensive one - and the only eatery in Tashkent where prices are given in relative currency units, comparing to euro, and afterwards recalculated in soms according to the current exchange rate. Costliness, of course, is a relative thing: compared to the rest of Uzbekistan, Caravan could definitely be described as an expensive restaurant; however, keeping in mind the usual pricelists of European restaurants, complaining would seem inappropriate. The fare they serve up at the Caravan is excellent: definitely the best Uzbek cuisine in the city. Caravan came first and recently was followed by the next-door Izumi and Sato, also owned by the Caravan restaurant group. Izumi is a Japanese restaurant with a corresponding decor (which, for some reason, does seem slightly out of place in Tashkent); Sato is dominated by Moroccan influences: its terrace is a genuine feast for the eyes and the ideal spot for a farewell dinner before leaving Tashkent. There is yet another thing to be said in favour of the place: regardless of which of the three restaurants (decors) you may choose, traditional Uzbek cuisine will be served at any of them straight from the Caravan.

18, 22 A.Kakhar Str.
Phone 150 - 99 - 49

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