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Gundel, Budapest

Author: Anothertravelguide.com

Gundel, Budapest's most prestigious restaurant - an establishment with more than a century under its belt, so to speak, is located slightly off the city centre, in the heart of the Várolsiget Park; its history dates back to 1894 when Károly Gundel opened his first restaurant here - albeit under a different name at the time: Wampetics. It was as late as in 1992 that the world-famous restaurateur George Lang took the eatery, which had by then lost much of the initial glamour, under his wing, transforming Gundel into one of the favourite hangouts among the Hungarian elite and foreign visitors alike. Little surprise then, that the restaurant boasts a display of its most famous guests, including Queen Elizabeth II of England and Pope John Paul II.
Today, just like on the opening day, Gundel serves traditional Hungarian fare - exquisitely cooked and very expensive. It could not be any other way at a place like this where the decor features elegant references to Art Deco and the walls are adorned with works by 19th-century Hungarian painters. Someone is quietly playing the piano in the background, and the open-air terrace is flanked by a verdant garden in the summer. Every little thing speaks of experience and years of practice; there are only efficient and knowledgeable people among the waiters who seem to know Gundel's kitchen inside out.
Anothertravelguide recommends visiting the place during the Sunday brunch hours (11:30 - 15:00): excellent champagne, starters and a taste of history.
Dress code: jackets required for gentlemen.

H-1146 Budapest, Allatkerti ut. 2
Tel.: 361 468 4040

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