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Casa La Concha, Marbella, Andalusia

Author: Anothertravelguide.com

The first ones, running out to greet guests in a courtyard, sinking within lush greenery are three small doggies, almost bursting with friendliness. Following right after, comes the innkeeper herself - Milena Burot. A charming Frenchwoman was married to a Spaniard once and lived in Madrid for ten years then. Yet, now her home is Casa La Concha. In 2006 the villa, built in the 70ies, was transformed into a small hotel, featuring six spacious double rooms and three cottages, independent of the main house. The hotel up to its smallest detail is a cherished idea of Madame Burot. Its location is the most favorable - in Marbella's Golden Mile, just 45 minutes from Malaga airport and about 5 minutes from Marbella's Old Town. A truly superb starting point for one's Andalusian adventure! Magnificent mountain scenery unfolds before your eyes on one side, while the Mediterranean Sea - on the other.
Some rooms are located in the big house, while a genuine oasis of privacy hides in the back of the garden. It is a two-bedroom cottage - two separate accommodations, in fact, sharing a small inner-yard and a garden. A lovely sofa waits for you there - sink into its comfort, sip a glass of chilly white wine and watch a sunset ... The hotel's décor presents a touch of Moroccan design, so typical to Andalusia. To the ones, having been in Morocco, it may feel like a riada, nestled in a palm groove of Marrakesh. Each bathroom splurges with L'Occitane perfumery, yet, in the big house, you can enjoy spa treatments as well. Bang&Olufsen TV set adorns a living-room, while the library offers a pretty diverse DVD collection. Breakfast is served by the swimming pool or in the small Arab-style patio, or else in the dining room - right next to the kitchen - making you feel even more at home. Leaving Casa La Concha, you are sure that you will return there again.

c/Jubrique 45, Urb. Rocio de Nagueles. 29600 Marbella (Malaga)


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