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Confitería Ideal, Terroir and La Casa de las Botas, Buenos Aires

Author: Aigars Nords

Confitería Ideal

It is one of the oldest and most savory tango cafes in Buenos Aires. Dating back to 1912, Confitería Ideal fascinates its visitors with charm and antiquity. Lots of celebrities have honored this place over decades, Maria Felix, Maurice Chavalier and Robert Duvall being just few of them. Some famous movies have been shot there, too, like Carlos Saura's Tango and Alan Parker's Evita, starring Madonna. Most of its waiters, faithful to Ideal for 30 years and more, look as if belonging to its dim and weather-worn décor with old marble stairs and ancient chandeliers.
That is not all yet - at night, when the show starts, electrified emotions charge the room. Charming ladies and elegant gentleman, age of sixty, dance tango as you have never seen before. Immersed in sounds of saxophone and guitar, spectators sit still at small tables in the dusky room and with bated breath savor the fantastic performance.

Suipacha 380, Cuidad de Buenos Aires
Phone: (054)(011) 5265-8069 / 4328-7750 / 15-4526-7580


Located in the exclusive Palermo area, this superb wine shop is just two blocks away from USA Embassy. Even the choosiest wine connoisseurs will find it fascinating. The most charm of Terroir lies in its personalized approach - visits are to be announced in advance, so you can savor wines in a private, hustle-free environment. There is no one except you!
Terroir's truly impressive selection of wines embraces the whole world, featuring rare vintages and masterpieces of small wineries as well. It's a right spot to acquire fine Argentinean wines, including very good classic Malbecs. There you will find also a valuable 90-point wine by the renowned wine critic, Robert Parker that costs just 100 LVL - a real bargain, indeed!
Both shop managers are outstanding wine experts and, in addition, Terroir offers special, travel-safe packaging. There is only one disadvantage to be mentioned - if you wish to taste some of superb wines, you have to buy a whole bottle. Travelling with friends, it may pay off, yet otherwise just a degustation may cost you a fortune. At any rate - it is worthwhile a visit.

Buschiazzo 3040, Cuidad de Buenos Aires
Phone: 54 11 4778 3443 / 3408
e-mail: casadevinos@terroir.com.ar

La Casa de las Botas

Polo, without doubt, is one of the most popular sports in Argentina. Therefore, making good polo boots is a matter of honor and the highest proof of proficiency of almost any self-respecting shoe-maker. Recommended even by Wallpaper, La Casa de las Botas is unparalleled in its simplicity. A small shop is managed by an elderly Argentine gentleman while orders are taken by his son. Nobody else speaks any English there. Autographed pictures of polo-stars adorn the walls, confirming craftsmen's long-standing professionalism. An ordering procedure, however, hasn't changed much over the years - just place your foot on a paper and the master encircles it with a pen. Few more measurements are taken, you select a color, and that's it! A pair of custom-made boots costs 110 to 120 LVL. It takes 3 to 4 months before they are ready and are delivered to any place, wherever you are.

Paraguay 5062 (near Palermo area)

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December 2010

Following up on my last comment -- they eventually did send another pair of boots. A little big for "custom," but they did send them. They look great.


December 2010

I went to La Casa de las Botas in December 2010 and was pleased to order custom boots. The price was quite reasonable and the experience was lovely. Very old world. I stood on an extra-large ledger book, and the man painstakingly drew the outlines of my feet, then wrote all my information on the same pages. I paid another $80 to have them shipped to NYC.

However, when the boots arrived, they were at least two sizes too small. I contacted the shop and they assured me they would send new ones. it's been more than a month now, and no boots. They are not responding to emails and are completely unhelpful.

I asked the man on the phone a few weeks ago how they could have screwed it up so badly, and he said I must realize that this is artisanal work, not machine work. Huh?

If you go to the shop, make sure you have your boots in hand when you leave.

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