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Book Bars and Tango, Buenos Aires

Author: Elita Kārkliņa

Book bars

A rapidly developing Soho area of Buenos Aires, packed with trendy shops, restaurants and bars, houses also two extremely charming and cozy book bars. Enjoying of the very best literature ever created, combined with good wine, can soon become a habit of yours. Just chose your favorite tango, jazz or classical music disc from nearby shelves, sink into a huge and comfy Crack-Up book bar armchair and order a drink after each new chapter. Eterna Cadencia book bar, unlike Crack-Up with its crystal chandeliers, heating lamps outside and overall lounge environment, possesses slightly different - bohemian ambience. However, this snug spot, too, is well favored by stylish folks of Buenos Aires. Also light snacks, sandwiches and salads are available here.

Costa Rica 4767
Palermo Soho - Bs. As.-
Phone: (54-11) 4831 3502
E-mail: crackup@argentina.com

Eterna Cadencia
Phone/Fax: 4774 4100
E-mail: info@eternacadencia.com.ar

San Telmo

Foto: Foto:

San Telmo is one of the oldest and most beautiful neighborhoods of Buenos Aires. Streets, featuring colonial style architecture, are dotted with numerous antiquarian shops. Lucky ones may even dig up there a telephone set or something equally fascinating from the 30ies. During electricity blackouts such a new acquisition may turn out to be an almost the only communication device. In these charming little shops one can find also old posters, records, and other relicts of the past. Spared by wars, this region has managed to preserve great many of its historical evidences.
A much better choice than tourist oriented tango shows is late night tango in San Telmo squares. Locals gather there every night to throw themselves into a passionate dance until early hours. That is a sight to be seen!
After getting to know San Telmo neighborhood, it is worth going all over the both riverbanks in the central part of Buenos Aires. Here, instead of former warehouses, you will find tasteful bars and restaurants, built closely side by side in the length of three kilometers. An exciting day, exploring sites where modern architecture and times long past mingle together is guaranteed!

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