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Kengsington Place

Author: Igors Tolstiks1 COMMENT

Kengsington Place

The best time for visiting it is the end of November, the time when plums and sweet cherries are ripening. Those who love small, secluded lodgings in the midst of verdant greenery would find such an oasis in Cape Town, at the foot Table Mountain. Its lively courtyard is enclosed by orange trees that turns out to be planted already twenty five years ago. Voices of exotic South African birds fill their emerald foliage every morning, calling you for a refreshing swim in a garden's swimming pool. Then breakfast is served according to your own choice by positive and welcoming staff of local people.
Western-style Kengsington Place is the right place for sheer indulgent pleasure - there is a great library, guest rooms with aromas of African flowers whiffing in the air and lovely balconies overlooking the city sited on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. You will get a generous dose of the owner's personal attention, too. Every day at breakfast time he would come to inquire how have you been doing and what your plans for the day are. No tips and advice are spared on what to see and how to best spend your time there, and a special surprise is restaurant reservations made for every evening, which, of course, can be canceled if you have made some other arrangements already.
Kengsington Place has only eight guest rooms, each one featuring a distinctive décor with every detail well thought out and planned for guests' comfort. For example, a first aid kit contains not only all the essentials both for men and women, but also a breath refreshing mint.
Bathrooms, aside from soaps and shampoos, are provided with aromatic bath salt, but beds are made with Frette bed linen and heaps of feathery-soft pillows.
If you will return to spend one more night at Kengstington Place at the end of your South Africa vacation, you will be received as an old friend, with hugs and kisses, and no repeated passport checking or other stiff formalities will take place.


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