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A Beach Symphony

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A Beach Symphony

Permeated by heavenly peace and relaxed energy, A Beach Symphony is one of the most special accommodations in Kerala. Set on the Marari beach, away from the traditional tourist routes, it is a mere two-hour drive north from the Kochi (Cochin) airport. This tiny handful of paradise in the shape of four boutique cottages is sitting right there in the sand of the Arabian Sea shore, in the middle of a seemingly wild garden lined by palm-trees.

Foto: A Beach SymphonyFoto: A Beach SymphonyFoto: A Beach Symphony

A Beach Symphony is perhaps best defined by the privacy it cherishes inside its shell of undisturbed peace - a feature especially craved for by westerners exhausted by urban chaos. In a way, the owners of this tiny hotel also could be said to belong to this category of people. The Belgian couple Christel and Jan Arryn who have been working in the hospitality industry for fourteen years fell in love with the place under the palm-trees seven years ago, in its previous image as the Motty's Home guesthouse for backpackers.

Adapting the old cluster of cottages for solitary rest among family or close friends, the former fishermen's cabins were extended, adding spacious verandas, offering the guests an opportunity to seek refuge in their individual oases of healing solitude.

Settled comfortably in the armchair or sofa of your choice, you can experience these blissful moments to the full, even should you happen to be taken by surprise by the lingering tail of the monsoon: enjoying the rustle of the waves; the play of light and shadows of the grey clouds above the sea; the gentle warmth of the air and the tranquillity of immersing yourself into a good book. You don't even have to emerge from the dressing gown provided by A Beach Symphony: you can stay like this until the dinner is served at the time of your convenience and then partake of a Keralan meal rich in seafood and fish, enjoyed in the middle of the palm grove amidst flowers and plants.

As the evening approaches, winds tie the Arabian Sea waters into knots, whipping up high waves; the locals arrive to watch the sunset. Fishing boats lounge on the beach, always prepared to head for the horizon; the few residents of A Beach Symphony idly stroll down the beach, having finally found the desired state of relaxation; beautiful Keralan girls admire the power of the waves. True enough, due to the high waves and underwater currents, the sea is more suited for a brief refreshing immersion rather than serious swimming. The one thing that the solitary beach does provide, however, is endless opportunities for lovely walks.

Foto: A Beach SymphonyFoto: A Beach SymphonyFoto: A Beach Symphony

Much safer to succumb to the appeal of refreshing water by going for a swim in the granite-plated pool (14 x 5 metres), sure to entice even those who are usually not that keen on bathing. Those who have plumped for the Violin Cottage as the accommodation of their choice can enjoy a completely secluded swim in the smaller courtyard pool.

Each of the Beach Symphony cottages has been given the name of a musical instrument (Violin, Sitar, Kombhu, Nagaswaram) and does indeed invoke a different range of moods. The uniting theme for the whole of the 'musical piece' is a point of intersection between the Western and Oriental worlds: authentic objects created by the local artisans, chosen from the point of view of Western taste. With its small courtyard pool that invites to enjoy some refreshing early morning swimming, Violin creates a sense of a genuine oasis; Sitar is hidden farther away in the garden; Kombhu and Nagaswaram are situated closer to the sea, the former also boasting the largest terrace.

Foto: A Beach SymphonyFoto: A Beach SymphonyFoto: A Beach Symphony

The decor of each moderately-sized cottage is different, featuring only just enough things to make you comfortable. The bathroom is stocked with beauty products from the well-known Fab India brand; wireless internet connection is available throughout the premises of A Beach Symphony. All four cottages are equipped with air conditioning. Every day, the rooms are adorned with freshly cut flowers from the sumptuous cocktail of decorative plants found in the garden; each of the Beach Symphony guests can also treat themselves to an invigorating taste of natural forces: a team of masseuses are happy to demonstrate the skill of their hands and knowledge of Ayurvedic massage in a partly secluded garden house.

As A Beach Symphony only offers four cottages and is one of the most sought-after accommodations in Kerala, do book well in advance.

Rates from INR 7500 INR (through April 2012)



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