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Jewellery by Artists: From Picasso to Koons, an exhibition organised by the culture and art portal

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Heritage Arts, Fort Kochi

Author: Anothertravelguide.com3 COMMENTS

Heritage Arts, Fort Kochi

Jew Street is the place to go if you are interested in antiques, just don't forget that a lot of these seemingly old things are skilful forgeries. Heritage Arts has the reputation of one of the most trusted antique shops that sell mostly high quality items. The dark room with antique pillars (there is a sign of Don't Touch on each of them), packed with Arab lamps, ancient candlesticks, little tables, plates, decorative elephants, wood ducks and assorted knickknacks is reminiscent of a storeroom in a palace from the olden times; it is definitely worth a visit even if you are not thinking of buying anything. Heritage Arts is housed in two tiny shops on opposite sides of the street; you will find a shelf with Ayurvedic medicine and organic spices in one of them as well.

Jew Street

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Visited: January 2010

Heritage Arts are not a reputable company, they defraud their customers. I was sold some furniture on the basis that the costs included freight and all shipping charges to my front door except VAT charges. They have reneged on this and have delivered the cargo to a different port than specified and also left me with £400 of excess freight charges, not including VAT charges, before I can collect my product. I would not advise anybody to buy from this company unless you can walk away with your product in your hand.

paul sheeter

Visited: 28/2/10

I was interested in the comment too
we ordered a LAkshmi staue to be airfreighted max 5 weeks to our home adrress
despite trying on several occasions to make contact with the retialer I have heard nothing about the statue nor its delivery time
it should have been withus by 4/4/10 and is now 3 weeks late
sad to see others have a similar prob
i will now take steps to retrieve the mionies paid throught the card company
anyone got a fone number for them?

Nelly Galbiati

Visited: 20. november 2009

On the 6th. january I sent this e-mail:
Dear N.B, Majnu,
we w here in your shop the 20th november 2009 and bought a coffee table:
- Price of the table: 18'000 Rs.
- Packing, freight and Insurance up to Zurich: 10'350 Rs.
- Discount: 2'350 Rs.
- Total: 26'000.- Rs.
The table did not arrive yet.
Now to our problem:
We are off on a long holiday the 26th of january, coming back the 14th of march.
I am afraid, that the table arrives within this period.
Could you please let me know the name of the warehouse (company) in Zurich.
I could get in touch with them and make sure, that they do not send the table back, since they can not reach us for so long.
Kind regards
Nelly Galbiati

I resend the mail, never got any answer.
Could you help me???? Could you get in touch with the shop?
I am going to make a big mess, I can't believe they cheated us!!!
Kind regards - Nelly Galbiati

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