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Worth knowing

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Worth knowing

Mumbai is one of the main transit points of India and the most convenient gateway for travelling further to the south.
Airfares from European cities to Mumbai or Deli are practically the same while those of domestic flights may differ.

Mumbai is seldom selected as a final destination as it has acquired an off-putting reputation of a dirty, noisy and traffic-clogged city. It's an undeniable reality of Mumbai, yet, the same way as for Deli and other big cities of India, it refers mostly to areas outside the city centre.

Prepaid taxi service is available from Mumbai airport to the city centre or any other destinations along the bay. The average fare is about 400 rupees, yet a driver may suggest you pay 75 extra rupees for taking a faster way along the recently built road that leads across the new bridge. International flights usually arrive at night or early in the morning and there is no need to worry about traffic jams though. Driving around the centre or in Colaba region, in South Mumbai, is pretty easy and stress-free also in daytime.

It's not a good idea to hail a taxi in the streets of Mumbai to get from point A to point B. A better option is to choose services of City Cool Cab ( and order a taxi for a whole day. A car will be available for 8 hours, will wait for you wherever and whenever needed and, if you go shopping, you'll be able to safely leave your purchases there as well. Another option is a hotel transport services, which is more costly, of course. It has to be noted however that any costs in Mumbai are lower than in Europe and drivers strictly stick to fix fares - cheating is not so common there at all.

Taxi drivers hardly speak any English in Mumbai, which may complicate your communication, yet the most typical tourism attractions they can find easily. Before actually setting off, it is smart to find all the destinations you'd like to visit on the Internet and make sure you have the addresses and telephone numbers. If difficulties arise, you can use your phone then to get in touch with the place and then pass the further communication to the driver. It's worth knowing that drivers are very reluctant to admit that they actually don't know which way to go, so you may end up driving around and around for hours, attempting to get some directions from people in the streets every now and then.

There are numerous Mumbai travel guides, yet if you wish to get a true insider's view of the city, go for Love Mumbai. Brimming with authentic information, uncommon routes and details of special spots of the city, it's a reliable source of information for exploring Mumbai. Moreover, it's written in a very good language and is evidently created with great love. Bound in Khadi fabric cover, it is printed on silky, handmade paper, pleasant for touch while browsing. The founder ofLove Travel Guides is an Australian-born globe-trotter Fiona Caulfield, currently living in India. Love Mumbai travel guide is available at the concept store Bombay Electric. For more addresses and information, please see


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