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Samode Palace, Jaipur

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The trend to convert the ancient fortresses and palaces of Rajasthan into hotels is much more than a whim of fashion or business; in a way it could be thought of as a continued tradition. Since ancient times hospitality has been one of the most typical traits of Indian culture, and guests were always welcomed with respect and courtesy at the homes of the maharajas. Samode Palace, located 42 km or an hour's drive from Jaipur, is one of the most stunning palaces in the whole region. It is a true gem of the period's architecture, combining both the Rajput (a Hindu Kshatria or warrior caste which used to rule in West India) and Mughal (the Muslim emperor dynasty ruling India in 16th - 18th centuries) styles. The palace is still owned by a family that used to belong among the most influential and also wealthiest in the district: its descendents have even served as ministers in the Jaipur royal court. The greatest pride of Samode Palace is its Durbar Hall, the representation hall where the most important decisions that influenced life in the district were once made. Its walls and ceiling are adorned by a unique mural painting; its central motif is flowers, painted with a special plant-derived paint that creates an interesting lustre effect. Samode Palace is also the home to a unique mirror hall, Sheesh Mahal; only Udaipur Palace may possibly boast a more impressive one. It has to be said that Rajasthan's seemingly insatiable passion for mirrors has more than just a purely decorative aspect to it: desert people love mirrors for their cool and reflective surface that reminds them of the most essential thing in the world - water.
The walls and ceiling in the countless alcoves consist of thousands of mirrors of various sizes; together they all form a single striking mosaic. The traces left by time add a special feel to it: it seems that these mirrors haven't been properly polished for decades. Both halls were created in the mid-1900s when Rawal Sheo Singh, an offspring of the Samode family, was the Prime Minister of Jaipur.
The Samode Palace rooms are real suites, each different from the next one. One of them, for example, has an impressive marble bathroom and shower room with a glass wall opening to a terrace with a view of the mountains. The Royal Suite also has a private garden and a Jacuzzi. Samode Palace is one of the hotels you want to enjoy and experience slowly, without any hurry, discovering detail after detail. There is plenty of those - and no shortage of champagne at breakfast.

Rates: EUR 125 - 420 (depending on the season)

Samode 303806, District Jaipur

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