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Hayete Guesthouse

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Hayete Guesthouse

Located in the historical heart of Beirut, the Achrafieh district, the Hayete Guesthouse, a tiny four-room B&B, is definitely one of the most sought-after accommodation spots in the Lebanese metropolis - not only due to the fact that small and charming B&Bs are still a rarity in Beirut, but also, and not least, because of its distinctive flavour. Set in the third floor of a historical 19th-century building, Hayete Guesthouse encapsulates the feel of an authentic Lebanese home - perhaps with a touch of magic dating back to the times when 'the Paris of the Middle East', still unravaged by the civil war, enjoyed its golden age. Sadly, in most of the city, this feel has been brutally annihilated by hysterical urban development. The flooring in the rooms is authentic tiles, typical of homes of the period. The communal living room houses a huge bird-cage with chirping canaries; there is a book-shelf conveniently placed right next to the comfortable sofa. As you walk out on the balcony, three old ladies from the neighbouring building's balcony greet you, waving cheerfully. It is only in the morning when you are having your breakfast on the terrace, scattering the croissant crumbs all over the old wooden table, that you notice with a sharp pang the bullet holes blemishing the facade of the building across the street. On the other hand, sometimes it does seem as if the marks left by the war were only adding to the vivid charm of Beirut, the city that always rises from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix.

While somewhat on the small side, the rooms are just large enough to make you feel comfortable enough. Two of the rooms feature en-suite bathrooms; the other two share one. The largest among the rooms is the North one which, to all purposes, is practically a tiny suite complete with a bedroom, a tiny balcony and a small living area that, if necessary, can also be used as the second bedroom. At night, as you unlock the front door with a key of your own and walk out on the terrace to enjoy a cup of tea, you do literally feel as if you were coming home. All rooms feature free wireless internet connection. Hayete Guesthouse is owned by a young Swiss woman named Simone; she moved to Lebanon a year and a half ago, having fallen in love with this corner of the earth: a God's own country, as far as the climate and nature are concerned, and yet tested so severely in the past - and this is where she has settled down.
As the small B&B offers only four rooms, you do have to book well in advance - and count yourself really lucky if you can stay there.

Rates from USD 70

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