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Le Gray

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Le Gray

Despite the destruction inflicted upon Beirut during the 2006 Lebanon War, one of England's best-known hotel operators obstinately stuck with the idea of setting up his first hotel in the city. To some, that might have seemed like a crazy idea.However, for Gordon Campbell Gray (who also owns the One Aldwych Hotel in London), Le Gray was a dream project, his tribute to the city that he had fallen in love with from the very start. The hotel first opened its doors at the end of 2009, the same year when the New York Times named Beirut as the top place to visit in the world.

Foto: Le GrayFoto: Le GrayFoto: Le Gray

Le Gray is the first designer hotel in Beirut and ideally suited for this city, which has always managed to rebuild itself like a Phoenix from the ashes, whatever its turns of fate. Le Gray reflects the best of what Beirut has to offer: an inexhaustible joie de vivre and the legendary, heartfelt hospitality for which the Lebanese are known, which is why most of those who have visited this city always wish to return.

Foto: Le GrayFoto: Le GrayFoto: Le Gray

While the stringent security checks at the hotel entrance will remind you about the recent history of the region where you are staying, you will immediately enter a pleasant oasis of relaxed, contemporary comfort as soon as you cross the building's threshold. The cool, modern interior is intelligently designed - one might say with a touch of restraint, yet welcoming all the same. The walls of the hotel are adorned with more than 500 contemporary art works from the owner's own, private collection.

Foto: Le GrayFoto: Le GrayFoto: Le Gray

The hotel has 87 spacious and comfortable rooms, with superb views of the city, including its famous Blue Mosque. An even better panorama can be seen from the rooftop terrace, which features a swimming pool and restaurant. Each room is equipped with such thoughtful amenities as a coffee machine, free wireless internet access, the latest edition of Time Out, and a selection of literature in the bookshelf. Like all luxury hotels, Le Gray also offers the use of a spa and fitness centre for its guests.

Foto: Le GrayFoto: Le GrayFoto: Le Gray

However, one of Le Gray's greatest assets is its knowledgeable concierge, who will do his utmost to ensure that your stay in Beirut is a pleasant one. His recommendations are worth a gold mine, not only because he is a true professional in his class, but also because he genuinely loves his native city.

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Posted 04/2010

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