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Worth knowing

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Worth knowing

-To promote its tourism industry, Tajikistan has recently simplified its visa procedures. If you have a special visa support letter, provided by e.g. a hotel, a business partner or a local tourism agency, a visa can be obtained upon arrival at the Consular bureau at Dushanbe airport. Tajikistan is famous for its hospitality, and it applies to its officials as well. Guests feel really welcome there, and visa procedure does not take much time either. A monthly visa costs 65 USD (one week 45 USD), yet be sure to take 2 photos with you.

- Note that some parts of Tajikistan are restricted and you will need extra permits (in addition to your visa) to travel there. If your itinerary takes you to Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast (GBAO), you will need to get a special permit. Besides this, there are also additional fees for the right to climb peaks higher than 6000m - US$100 per person - and US$50 for peaks lower than 6000m and for hiking. There is also a mandatory environmental fee of US$1 per person per day for hiking and mountain-climbing. For more information recommends

- Dushanbe airport is small, which is suggested also by its name - Aviovokzal or Air-station), and is located 5 km outside the city.

- Taxis in Dushanbe are very cheap. A ride from one end of the city to another cost just 20 Tajikistan Somoni.

- Tajikistan has a population of about 6 million, while a little over 600 000 people live in its capital, Dushanbe. A large number of Tajiks live outside their country - in Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan, China, Russia, etc. There are several ethnic groups living in Tajikistan, each with its own language, Pamirs being one of them. While most of the population is Sunni Muslims, Pamirs belong to the Ismaili Shiite sect of Islam. Although Tajik is the official language, Russian is widely spoken in Tajikistan as well.

- Tajikistan averages 250 - 300 sunny days a year.
- The climate in Tajikistan is a typical continental one, characterised by radical temperature fluctuations.
- 74 per cent of Tajikistan's population live in rural villages (kishlaks).
- 90 per cent of Tajikistani women marry by the age of 29.
- 80 per cent of Tajikistan's population are Muslim.
- One of the best times of the year to visit Dushanbe is autumn when it is warm and dry and all fruit are in season.

- Among the former Soviet countries, Tajikistan is second only to Russia in water resources. Its territory is home to 60 per cent of the Central Asian glaciers, more than 1000 rivers and 2000 lakes of various origins, the four largest being located in the Pamir Mountains.

- The mountains occupy 93% of Tajikistan's territory, and a large portion of the country is located at 3000 m above the sea level. The Pamir Mountains is the largest mountain range in Tajikistan, with its heights varying from 5000 to 7000 m, stretching in the length of 800 km.

- Tajikistan is one of the poorest countries in Central Asia, yet it is rich in natural resources. Aluminum, silver, gold, iron, zinc, coal, salt, precious stones and semiprecious stone are just few to be mentioned.

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