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Emirates Palace

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Emirates Palace


Continuing with the world records, Abu Dhabi is also the home of one of the most extravagant hotel projects of all time: Emirates Palace Hotel. Opened in 2005, it seems like a sand-colour castle rising up from the desert. Especially at night, with a huge fountain splashing at its threshold, the hotel resembles a scene from Arabian fairytales. 
In terms of costs (USD 3 billion), Emirates Palace Hotel is one of the most expensive hotel projects ever. It boasts 1002 Swarovski crystal chandeliers, the largest weighting 2.5 tonnes, 114 domes covered in glistening glass-tile mosaics, gold and marble imported from 13 countries. The staff of over 2000 people speaks 50 languages. 12,000 people have been involved in the construction of the hotel, and the distance between the two farthest wings measures one kilometre, easily turning a morning walk from your room to breakfast into a moderate amount of daily physical activity. Emirates Palace Hotel features 1.3 kilometres of white sandy beach, 8000 trees growing on its huge territory and a 42-metre-wide atrium. It is topped by the world's largest hotel dome, finished in silver and gold glass mosaic tiles, while 775 plasma TVs have been installed in the guest rooms. A few years ago the hotel became famous for having one of the world's most expensive Christmas trees, valued at approximately USD 11 million. Among the decorations were 181 diamonds, pearls, emeralds, sapphires, etc.

Owned by the state (meaning the sheikh's family), Emirates Palace Hotel is operated by the Kempinski hotel chain. But, despite its seeming extravagances, the mirage-like castle surrounds its guests with an amazing feel of authenticity. Emirates Palace Hotel is not a traditional hotel in the usual sense of the word. Currently, it functions as an important venue of Abu Dhabi cultural and social life, hosting festivals, concerts and art exhibitions starring world-famous guest artists. Abu Dhabi's first art fair took place here and turned the hotel's property into a sculpture garden. Emirates Palace Hotel has also contributed significantly to popularising the emerging Saadiyat Island Cultural District and Abu Dhabi's Formula One track. One of the greatest values and unique features of the hotel is possibly that, while staying here and enjoying the view of the sea from your apartment terrace, your own personal butler and luxury befitting a sheikh, you also feel literally at a crossroads of cultures. And that's a pleasant aftertaste that does not fade away, unlike at the other "five-star mirages" that are popping up in Abu Dhabi and neighbouring Dubai like mushrooms after a rain.

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