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Dubai Mall

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Dubai Mall

Opened in the end of 2008, Dubai Mall claims to be the world's largest shopping centre. Resembling a huge ocean liner, it covers a territory of 50 football fields. Its impressive volume comprises several malls within the mall, a Fashion Avenue being just one of them. It presents all the most prestigious labels - from Chanel and Hermes to Gucci and Galliano. Not to be missed are many more amusements and attractions there - Olympic-size ice rink, indoor waterfall and 22-screen cinema being among them. Dubai Aquarium, sited there too, houses more than 33 000 marine animals in the middle of the desert! Its main attraction perhaps is a glass tunnel with 750mm glass viewing panel that separates you from at least 20 sharks. Yet in comparison with the overall magnificent scope of this city, the aquarium, although huge, seems almost modest....
All in all, Dubai Mall will have 1200 shops and 160 food and beverage outlets, although at the moment (12/2008), only about a half of them are opened. On entire completion, the mall will represent literally all the well-known names, starting from H&M and Gap to Tom Ford, Dior, including even a Paris department store, Galeries Lafayette, and a New York's Bloomingdales. It features also several staggering in their size bookstores. Books published in Europe, however, are more expensive, and all the "indecent nudities" of models in style magazines are carefully pained over with a black marker...Dubai Mall houses the world's largest gold market, too.
It has to be added that it is an ingenious project from an architectural point of view as well, aiming to hold back the shopping victims as long as possible. Wide "streets" and tall atriums, unlike in many other counterparts of this type, are meant to provide enough oxygen for those who wander there, and an interactive information system helps the confused ones to determine their whereabouts. According to estimates, Dubai Mall could take at least 30 million people annually. Most probably only small share of them will aim only at quenching their curiosity there, and even they will finally yield to temptation perhaps...(Up to 140.5 million people visit Dubai shopping malls every year.)
To spare the exhausted ones from excessive travelling, a 5-star hotel The Addresses is conveniently located just nearby. Also the world's tallest skyscraper, Burj Dubai, is just a stone's throw away with the first Giorgio Armani Hotel to be opened there in 2009.

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