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Estonian Design House

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Estonian Design House

Estonian design artists received a long-awaited gift on the last Christmas - their very own home and oasis of creativity - both in literal and figurative sense of the word. Contrary to the prevailing tendency of transforming old industrial premises into cultural and art spaces, it's not housed in a remote corner of an old cement factory. Not at all! Estonian Association of Designers have procured an idyllic, white limestone building for this purpose, set on the very waterfront - in the territory of a former fishing port. Currently it's owned by the Estonian star fashion designer Ivo Nikkolo but, in the more distant past, the house with few illuminator-shaped windows has belonged to the harbor and has served as a garage for harbor-master's fancy automobiles.

Now the house at Kalasadama 8 is the only public space of Estonian design. Alongside with artworks of member of the Estonian Association of Designers, the gallery showroom exhibits pieces of up-and-coming young artists. While the gallery itself cannot display everything that's created in the field, an all-inclusive picture of Estonian design scene is available on its website. You can find out about events and activities also in the information centre located in the same building.

Seaside territory certainly possesses a distinct character of its own - if a day is hot, the sun is literally scorching there and if it's windy - powerful gusts are almost knocking you off your feet. And where else would you hear deep-sounding ship horns so close! Yet its special ambiance evidently serves as a great inspiration for artists who have set up their studios on the second floor of the building. had a chance to cast a glance into the studio of one of them - a leather designer Stella Soomlais, right at the moment when colorful bits and pieces of leather, covering entire table surface were conjured into a charming, azure-color purse.

Foto: Estonian Design House

Housed next door to the gallery, the café-club Oot-Oot Lounge ( gathers the vibrant, bohemian crowd of Kalamaja - the most historic suburban district of Tallinn, a mere fishermen village far in the past. The area where fishermen and their families once used to live has lately become a much favored home and studio space of the creative Tallinn.


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