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The 1950's are marked by the birth of rock & roll and pop art, in 1960's a tiny bikini broke huge and long-lasting social taboos, but the Star Wars movies and video games of the 1970's forever glued people to their TV and computer screens. In all their glamour and provocativeness, the last decades of the 20th century have flown together in Tallinn's most colorful store and vintage space - Fankadelik.

Fankadelik is not at all obscured by the fact of being housed on the second floor of an old town building. Screamingly bright inscriptions, pasted on the top-floor windowpanes will unfailingly catch your attention, while witty design items are placed right on the windowsills. A disco dress adorns a tailor's dummy and a pair of shoes is locked in a birdcage but a bright-yellow MINI Cooper parked at Fankadelik's entrance ensures that the place is never passed unnoticed.

Press the bell-button, push open the heavy door, hop up the steps and there you are - right in the middle of a funky party, featuring a vibrant essence of those bygone decades!

Bright garments, posters and a collection of vinyl records, accompanied by an old record player, analogue photo camera and a true candy for Apple aficionados - orange-color iMac vintage monitor.

Dresses, shoes and hats, bags and purses - all that can be tried on in Dita von Teese or Spaceman vintage-style fitting-rooms. Forget about futile amateur attempts to create an appropriate hairdo - Fankadelik offers hairdresser's services in a 50's-style salon with ever-present Betty Boop and hairdressers equipped with sharp scissors and even sharper ideas. A cozy buzz of a hairdryer and a double dose of self-confidence, infused by the new hairdo make Fankadelik even more appealing.

Everyone perhaps remembers those old-day hairdryers, almost entirely devouring customers' heads for about 10 minutes...Well, no, they don't actually use them anymore, yet one of them, with a light bulb installed into it now serves as a witty lighting fixture illuminating the brightest party garments. Aside from Chloé and Christian Dior originals, Fankadelik features creations of local designers, both clothes and accessories. You'll definitely notice futuristic frocks of the Estonian fashion design supernova, Liisi Eesmaa. Her glossy, golden and silvery garments fuse somewhat militant style with a delicate femininity and aristocratic haughtiness, by no means compromising price with saleability.

About once in every two months the Fankadelik walls acquire fresh decoration, being used as an exhibition platform for young and talented designers, painters, graphical and photo artists.

Vana-Viru 6


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