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If you have one day in Tampere

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 If you have one day in Tampere

If you have a free day in Tampere, it's best to begin with breakfast at Putukki Rannalla. This small, charming café is next to the city's central square. The coffee here is marvelous, as are the sandwiches and croissants. The café also serves as an antique shop; some of the chairs in the garret, brought here from every corner of Finland, can be purchased. Right next door there's also a newly opened, stylish shop called Summershop. At the moment only Danish designer brands can be found here, but the interior is worth seeing - decorated with contemporary art, Summershop stands out on the Tampere shopping scene.

Foto:  If you have one day in TampereFoto:  If you have one day in TampereFoto:  If you have one day in Tampere

On this same street, in the direction of the port, nearly all of the outstanding shops in Tampere make their home. You can find everything from interior design and jewellery to organic food. If you go in the opposite direction when leaving Summershop, on the other hand, you will find the Finlayson cotton factory, the most impressive symbol of Tampere's industrial history. The factory grounds also include the Finlayson Church, artists' workshops, cafés, restaurants, and the world's only Spy Museum. It's definitely worth visiting the Tampere Cathedral, too. Built in the early 20th century, it is one of the best examples of National Romantic architecture that the city has to offer. The Magnus Enckell altarpiece is especially well-known, having won the most prestigious award for art in the country when created, If you're travelling with children, the Moominvalley is a must, of course.
And then it's lunchtime! Though most Tampere restaurants are found in the main street, Hämeenkatu, it's worthwhile not to be lazy and walk a bit further, to Pyynikntori. At one edge of the square there's one of the most remarkable restaurants in town, Heinätori. This was once a place where locals arrived with their horse-drawn carriages and carts to get their goods weighed. The minimalistic and elegant interior with exposed brick walls and the original windows retains a patina of that time, the restaurant itself being more like a room for receiving guests at a fine home. The owners are a married couple, Finnish and Estonian, and creating a family restaurant was a dream they both long held and fulfilled. According to them, it isn't haute cuisine but simple, pure tastes and food without much artifice that they are devoted to. The Heinätori menu reflects this; it's limited and changes with the season. The specialty here is Finnish cuisine with a dash of the international. The daily specials change once a month or so.

Foto:  If you have one day in TampereFoto:  If you have one day in TampereFoto:  If you have one day in Tampere

If it's warm and sunny, an afternoon boat ride is in order. The environs of Tampere hold 200 lakes of different shapes and sizes, and possible routes to take are nearly unlimited. The shortest ferry ride will take you to Viikinsaari Island, about 20 minutes away, departing from the Laukontori square.
Näsinneula is the Eiffel Tower of Tampere, and it would be a grave omission to fail to dine here in the evening, the panoramic view stretching before you whilst the restaurant revolves. This is the highest restaurant in all of Finland!

Putukki Rannalla, Pannuhuone-Haarlankatu 1
Fynlayson, Väinö Linnan aukio
Spy museum, Finlayson, Satakunnankatu,
Moominvalley, Hämeenpuisto 20,
Heinatori, Pyynikintori 5,
Näsinneula, Särkänniemi

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