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Mirazur, Menton

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Mirazur, Menton

The restaurant Mirazur, which, by the way, boasts two Michelin stars, is located a bit of a distance from Nice – close to the Italian border in the small and charming sea-side town of Menton. Menton is known for its market square built in the Belle Époche style, as well as for its numerous small pubs, lemons, honey and, of course, the fantastic Jean Cocteau Museum.

Foto: Mirazur, MentonFoto: Mirazur, MentonFoto: Mirazur, Menton

Built in the 1930s, Mirazur's several-story building proudly sits on a hillock next to France's oldest avocado plantation. Under the orange trees, a bounty of herbs have been planted – mint, sage, wormwood and chives; above, vegetable patches spread out on the highest level of the restaurant's terrace, ensuring a constant supply of fresh ingredients for the menu created by Mirazur's head chef, Mauro.

The food at Mirazur is excellent; the chef's ingenuity and use of high-quality, local ingredients are superbly played out in his creative flavour combinations and impeccable presentation.

The menu has been set up so that you can choose your preferred meal format – the discovery option (70 EUR) consists of five surprise dishes sourced from your choice of either land or sea. With the carte blanche option (140 EUR), you can get up to eleven dishes, thereby sampling everything that the chef has prepared for that day.

A couple of the most interesting items on the menu are the shelled oysters (served with pears that have been prepared in three different ways), and the low-temperature-cooked fish. If you don't have any objections to rare meat, then you'll definitely like Mirazur's ultra-thin slice of red beef. And then there's the calamari spaghetti!

The wine list is very good, but keep in mind that prices start from 60 EUR and go only upwards. Unfortunately, we can't help but mention that the sommelier was rather insistent that we choose a wine from a certain price category.

A perfect complement to the restaurant's wonderful view of the sea is its decidedly contemporary interior décor scheme – a mix of white tablecloths and bare, wooden surfaces. The place's greatest feature, however, are its lively and eclectic customers.


30 Avenue Aristide Briand
06500 Menton, France

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