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Le Cent Quatre

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Le Cent Quatre

Le Cent Quatre or 104 is one of the last years' most impressive and expensive culture projects of Paris, meant to promote art and creativity. 39 000 m² area is devoted to 104 different art spaces or studios. The project is the brainchild of the two directors, Robert Cantarella and Frédéric Fisbach. The centre managed to stir up quite an uproar long before it was put into effect, yet now, worth of almost 100 million, it has finally acquired tangible features. Although set up in a former mortuary of the 19th arrondissement, the brick walls, several meters high ceiling and a glass roof of the new art complex more resembles a refurbished warehouse hangar. The main argument in favor of the project was to promote and enliven this rather poor and unappealing district of Paris, inhabited mostly by immigrants of diverse ethnic origin, and the unemployment rate reaching 20%.
Even though not all the studio space is put to use as yet, 104 is expected to become a top spot of Paris' modern art during the next half a year with far-reaching plans for its future. Currently it houses variety of art events - exhibits of young talents, art forums, presentations, fashion shows, concerts, showrooms and workshops. It's designed to hold about 30 different art projects every year with participation of at least 200 French and foreign artists, embracing a variety of art fields - architecture, music, theatre, design and dance. Special activities are offered for children as well. The so called House for Children is set up as a special playground for the youngest visitors - a place for talking, listening, socializing and creating their very own masterpieces. It is designed by artists who work at Le Cent Quatre, and that includes absolutely everything - from furniture and design objects to books and toys.
Le Cent Quatre also features a restaurant, a café, several boutiques and a huge bookshop. It's arranged in three areas - the general bookstore that contains a basic range of literature, the children's area with books and games, and the arts area, covering all the fields of artistic practice.

104 rue d'Aubervilliers / 5 rue Curial
75019 Paris

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