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Hotel Bellechasse

Author: Anothertravelguide.com0 COMMENTS

A real Parisian confection! - our Parisian experts reported back, having visited Hôtel Bellechasse. This is the second Paris hotel boasting an interior designed by the renowned fashion designer Christian Lacroix. The first one, Hôtel du Petit Moulin, is housed in a converted bakery in the Marais district and can safely be said to belong among the gems of the Paris hotel scene. Besides, this is the year of Christian Lacroix! In 2007 the designer is marking his twenty years in the fashion business; one of the highlights of the celebrations will be the Christian Lacroix, Histoires de Mode exhibition that opens on 8 November at the Paris Museum of Fashion and Textile: it will see his debut as an art curator, a profession that used to be his dream job before launching a career in fashion. The upcoming exhibition is expected to be a highly original and very personal version of the history of fashion (the designer has spent a year going through the museum archives, picking out the definitive exhibits); Hôtel Bellechasse, in its turn, is somewhat reminiscent of an haute couture gown that demonstrates the inimitable Lacroix style in its full splendour. The interior is an orgy of colour and textures. Lacroix, always the fashion industry's painter and dreamer, never a practical minded prêt à porter kind of designer, is playing away like only he knows how to play. His conviction has always been that a hotel has to epitomise the feel of its location; in a way it has to be a journey within a journey.
An additional source of inspiration for the extravagance of his design seems to have been the fact that Hôtel Bellechasse is located in the legendary Left Bank neighbourhood, not far from Musée d'Orsay, countless art galleries, antique shops, Boulevard Saint-Germain and the Louvre. Scenes from the life of 19th century French gentlemen, stylisations of card games, ceiling decorated with the butterfly motif (always present in his fashion collections), dark walls and a snow-white bath tub in the middle of the room; stylised sun, a map of the universe on the ceiling etc. The floor of the passages is lined with black and white zebra-striped carpets; walls are covered with soft material. You will find a TV with 250 channels in each room. The themed rooms have names in keeping with the spirit of design: Quai d'Orsay, Musketeer, Tuileries, etc. - at least seven different types of character, for instance, the Quai d'Orsay room has a colourfully decorated ceiling.
Some guests are said to have come back repeatedly: after all, each room is something of a surprise. Not showing all of them to journalists and visitors of the hotel website is a deliberate policy: this way the element of surprise stays intact.
The breakfast room (there is no restaurant at Hôtel Bellechasse) is an experience in itself: each chair upholstered in silk of a different vivid shade, suitably themed wall paintings etc. The hotel has 34 rooms (and champagne in the mini-bar of each of them), albeit, not surprisingly for Paris, quite small ones - all but four of them. Another drawback: there is no parking-place or garage at the hotel. Fantastic ambience, though - peace and quiet. This is the perfect spot to spend a quick honeymoon, hide away with a lover or simply perk up a slightly tired marriage.

However, according to the opinion of creators, services of the Hotel Bellechasse still noticeably lag behind its interior and elaborated "stenography" of its rooms, designed by Lacroix. If you have made an online booking, verify upon arrival that the right room has been allotted to you. Unfortunately, a concierge, too, is still far from haute couture virtuosity - wishing to have an exquisite meal someplace, you have to look for another source of information regarding the best choice. Yet, entering a room, practicalities are left behind the door and displeasures are gone ...

Rates: from EUR 340

8 Rue de Bellechasse,
75007 Paris
Phone: 01 45 50 22 31

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