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Apostrophe Hotel

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Apostrophe Hotel

If only lodging can be called intellectual, the newly opened in Paris Apostrophe Hotel is just like that. It's an enchanting tale that pleases one's mind and senses. The very location is symbolic - the Left Bank and Montparnasse - the 20th century intellectual and artistic heart of Paris. Degas, Cocteau, Apollinaire, Chagall, Rousseau and Beckett are just few of the famous men, these streets have seen once. This area still houses artists' studios and bookstores, and small shops selling paintbrushes and colors are much the same as in old days when Picasso and Modigliani visited them.
Apostrophe Hotel is an ode to writing, revealing its evolution (and the one of mankind along with it) in all its glory - from primeval drawings on cliffs, imprints in the sand and hieroglyphs to up-to-date books and urban graffiti. Signs are all over the walls, floors and on the ceiling. Even on the façade - like pale, foliage-casted shadows. The ground floor décor traces back in time before written language came to existence. Cave drawings, steps in the sand and reflections in water, lights and shadows. The first floor rooms are all about alphabet, calligraphy and music. The second floor dwells on writing itself, from fiction to travel-notes. The third floor features urban writing of graffiti, posters and newspapers. And finally the top floor - it reflects the motto of the hotel - „ Add three letters to Paris its Paradise"! Its two rooms are symbolically dedicated to a man and a woman.
The hotel's idea has been conceived by its owners - Christian Gatien, his wife and their daughter, professionals of hotel business in several generations. Their dream was creating a unique hotel, like nothing ever existed before, a hotel like a poem, presenting both sensuous and intellectual experience.
The architect of Apostrophe Hotel, Vincent Bastié, boasts more than 50 unusual hotel projects, including Hotel du Petit Moulin, created together with the renowned fashion designer, Christian Lacroix, and Murano Urban Resort, the embodiment of Stanley Kubrick's Space Odyssey. Quite inventive is the hotel's website, too, resembling a newspaper.
Rates from EUR 162 to EUR 350, depending on the season and the room
3, rue de Chevreuse
75006 Paris

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