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Le Chardenoux

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Le Chardenoux

Le Chardenoux, opened in 1908, is one of the last truly authentic Parisian bistros and has also been awarded the status of a national historic monument. It is situated in the 11th arrondissement, on a small street next to Rue Paul-Bert, which, thanks to a bouquet of outstanding restaurants all located on a single street, has itself attained the status of a legendary gastronomic destination. The small bistro mostly used to attract the locals and some salespeople who'd happened to wander into the area. This motley crowd used to drink their lunchtime apéritifs, snacking on the hard-boiled eggs that were readily available right at the bar. But the life of the modest bistro completely changed in September 2008, when it was taken over by Cyril Lignac, a rising star of French cuisine - also nicknamed the French Jamie Oliver. Lignac, who also owns Restaurant Le Quinzième in Paris, had already spent six months searching for suitable premises to fulfil his dream of an authentic French bistro. "People who own bistros like this in Paris never sell them. It's a bit like old cars. If you love something you cannot part with it."
The interior in the little bistro is still the same - a true gem of the belle époque style, with vignettes and almost translucent blue and white painted ceiling, large mirrors, tarnished by time, and a stained glass partition wall, which symbolically separates the bar room from the small dining hall (the bistro seats just 40 guests). The bar itself is made of fourteen different kinds or marble; it used to have an iron countertop, which has now been replaced with a zinc one, as the old one was recycled for military use by the Germans during World War II. Le Chardenoux has acquired a selection of contemporary touches - modern, completely remodelled restrooms, new dishware and table accessories, new uniforms for the waiting staff. The Le Chardenoux kitchen has likewise remained true to the good old bistro style. Only seasonal produce is used, and all classic French cuisine traditions are observed, while still managing to infuse them with a contemporary feel. The carefully considered wine list has been put together by Jérôme Moreau, the former chief sommelier of Le Bristol. The list features wines from various regions of France - for example, Le Muscadet de Jo Landron, Pouilly Fumé de Bourgeois, Saumur de Fosse-Sèche, Pouilly Fuissé de Burier etc. - selected with the Le Chardenoux menu in mind. The atmosphere is fantastic: a true gastronomic, aesthetic and emotional delight.
As with any place owned by a star (Cyril Lignac has his own TV show, Oui chef, and has written several books etc.), Le Chardenoux has also undergone a complete change of clientele. The small, charming bistro has become an address sought out by diners from all corners of the city. Advance reservation is a must.

1 Rue Jules Vallès
750011 Paris
Tel: +33 1 4371 4952

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