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A small and intimate gourmet restaurant on a tiny Left Shore street, impossible to find without knowing. The first thing you notice upon entering is a wall panel decorated with white rose heads. With no more than ten tables, Auguste can seat just about thirty guests. A bright red Valentino sofa is focal point and a main attraction of otherwise toned down interior. Moreover, it is set in a wall covered in mirrors, optically enlarging the small room. Every guest feels most welcome - more like at home party then at a restaurant, indeed. If you prefer a swarming crowd, to see and be seen, this is not the right choice, yet, it's an ideal spot to have a warm and cosy tête-à-tête with your beloved. The small restaurant has a number of benefits, an excellent service being among them and the feeling that you are the most welcome guest does not desert you. Visitors are attended by three waiters, while a sommelier helps in selection from an ample wine list. A bottle is opened at a small wall-side table in front of your eyes and, before offering wine, a sommelier pours a small sip in a glass and makes sure that it is impeccable.
Auguste features a contemporary cuisine, varying according to season, and its chef has previously gained experience at Le Meurice and Le Cinq. Menu is quite small, yet exquisite. Moreover, food comes at the right moment and on hot plates. Soft and creamy sauces with their taste and texture are a true gourmet treat, to say nothing of elegant designer crockery and Christofle silver tableware! And what is more - a Michelin star was awarded to Auguste in 2007, two years after its opening.

54, rue de Bourgogne
75007 Paris
Phone: 01 45 51 61 09

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