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Les Papilles

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Les Papilles

Les Papilles restaurant is located in one of the Left Bank's most notable neighborhoods – the Latin Quarter. Close by, just a few streets down, the cupola of the Panthéon rises towards the sky, and right around the corner, the Luxembourg Gardens unfurl – a wonderful place to relax, whatever the season may be. Just like with the Latin Quarter, the main features of Les Papilles are youthfulness, a charge of energy, pronounced Frenchness, and cosmopolitanism – all in one. You won't run into French snobbery here, but if you want to find out what classic French cuisine is, this is the place to go. Giving weight to these words is the fact that Les Papilles is where head chefs from other restaurants come to eat on their days off.  As one would expect, news of the greatness of this restaurant has already reached the pages of the international press and the world's internet blogs, which is why English-speakers and other non-French diners are as common at Les Papilles as French diners with their take-along lapdogs (who are immediately given water as soon as they sit down at/under the table).

Les Papilles consists of a long, narrow room with tables pushed up right next to each other. If you make up a party of two, but are seated at a table that can seat four, expect to become intimate dinner companions with another couple for the next few hours. But do not fret – even those who believe themselves to be highly reticent creatures will, under the disarmingly outgoing and wide-smiling care of the restaurant's owner, Bertrand Bluy, become jovial social butterflies, for at least this evening. They say that the tall and athletic Mr. Bluy plays rugby, and that prior to 2003 (which is when he opened Les Papilles), he was part of the legendary team at the Paris restaurant Taillevent. In any case, he is present throughout the evening – helping with coats, suggesting wines, slicing baguettes, and serving food. In perfect English, and just like a friend, he will tell you what you will be eating that evening. There are no choices to be made, and no menu over which to ponder, for at Les Papilles there is a Menu of the Day made up of a starter, a main dish, cheese, and dessert. You may exercise your right to choose by selecting among the numerous bottles of wines that line one entire wall of the restaurant. The food is not served in individual portions, but rather, just like at home – in terrines, large platters, pots and so on. Which means that, just like at home, you are at risk of overeating, so be sure to make time for an evening walk after dinner – the Latin Quarter is perfect for evening ramblings without destination.

Definitely try to reserve a table at Les Papilles at least a few days beforehand; Bluy is quick in responding to reservation requests via e-mail.

 30 Rue Gay-Lussac

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