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Miss Ko

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Miss Ko

Even though the enfant terrible of French design Philippe Starck has grown up and is 63 already, he hasn't lost his razor-sharp sense of contemporary style. His newest restaurant Miss Ko, opened in February 2013, attests to it. Crisis-hit Europe is currently pausing with new glamorous projects and democratic, worn around the edges chick, an illusory authenticity or radical escape is becoming more and more popular. Miss Ko, an underground Asian fusion restaurant with a mystical hostess named Miss Ko, is a distinctive representation of the later. Her life story is tattooed on her body but no one has actually seen her, only sensed her presence. Spanning over 500 m², the place comprises a restaurant, a tea shop, a canteen and a venue for parties and art projects and is like a phantasmagoric blend of a "gastronomy street" and an urban art scene. Artists and designers, chefs and guests, are all creating a resemblance of a real-life action movie there. To be perfectly true, there is something insane and nightmarish about it. It's like you have woken up in cold sweat, yet at the same time cannot help admitting that there has been something luring about the entire experience - a world, which you can never experience in waking state. Miss Ko décor seems inspired by the tattoos of the "hostess" - illuminated teapots of monstrous dimensions are "flying" in the air, installations of video screens are flickering with crazy, fast-moving stream of Asian news with some dragons popping up in the midst of all that. Artistic usage of light and dark conjures up all the moods imaginable, which are constantly changing - day by day, season by season. Miss Ko menu features a colorful and enticing mixture of east-west cuisine while its year round program with fashion, photography, music and design projects delve into the very world of human senses, making truly fantastic curves and twists along the way.

Miss Ko
49/51 av. George V




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