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Alain Ducasse

Author: Mārtiņš Rītiņš1 COMMENT

Alain Ducasse

Not many hotel restaurants in the world can also boast of providing the highest quality service. Alain Ducasse, located in Plaza Athénée, one of the poshest Parisian hotels, is a brilliant exception and in 2006 was ranked the 15th best restaurant in the world.
You will sense sophistication and class as soon as you enter the hotel, passing the most enormous callas you'll have ever seen. The Alain Ducasse restaurant is a whole philosophy of making the customers forget about time and indulge in sampling the most exclusive food. Enormous crystal chandeliers, full of light, elegant chairs designed to provide enough space for the ladies' handbags, silver tableware and the best china are all part of the interior. The clock on the mantelpiece has no dial or hands and is ticking away just to remind the customers that they have entered a place where they can forget about time.
Alain Ducasse is proud of its biggest treasure - the chefs - and therefore offers an opportunity of lunching or dining at the chef's table, advisable to book in advance. The chef's table is placed in the very heart of the restaurant, the kitchen, and the guests sitting at it can not only see but also hear and feel the turbulent spirit of culinary.
The menu - in French - does not surprise with overabundance of different dishes, which only means that you will be served lunch or dinner prepared from fresh ingredients and that the focus here is on quality, not quantity. Fish courses are prepared exclusively from wild fish and for this reason their taste and texture offer your senses a completely different experience. If you order langouste tails with black caviar, they will be served raw and as fresh as possible.

Hotel Plaza Athénée Paris
25 Avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris
Phone 01 53 67 65 00

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