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Georges is best visited at night, when it's just getting dark and the museum is already closed. You go up half a floor in the red lift complete with its accessories - the two muscled men in black with earphones who make you feel that something out of the ordinary is happening to you. Then you slowly rise above Paris on the escalator along the external wall of the museum (Georges is situated on the 6th floor, on the roof of the Centre Pompidou). Ideally you should book a table with a view in advance. You are greeted by a girl who could very well be a model, and escorted to the table by another, dressed in a different dress. Half a second later you notice that both girls ideally match the style trademark of Le Georges, the slender, passionately red roses in glass cylinders, defiantly dominating the futuristic minimalism of the interior. Actually, the interior of Georges is a paradox: the once humble cafeteria has been transformed beyond recognition without a real reconstruction, simply by strategically dividing the space with imposing red, yellow and silver walls of plywood, steel and plastic into a sort of cocoons or aluminium boudoirs, one of them containing a cloakroom, another - the restrooms. Georges, like Café Marly, is owned by legends of Parisian restaurants, the Costes brothers; perhaps the cuisine is somewhat similar but it certainly does not take away from the magic of the night: crab with avocado literally melts in your mouth. Everything is a bit casual here; don't be surprised if a waiter in an impeccable suit, trying to manoeuvre through the room with a loaded tray, breaks a couple of glasses at your very feet. A moment later another one - just as impeccably dressed - will remove the pieces.
Georges is the ideal place for people watching: most of the public is not inferior to that of the Paris fashion shows. The place is swarming with people and the music is quite loud, and yet the little lamp built into the surface of the table, lighting up the face of the person sitting opposite to you and food on your plate, creates a sense of absurd intimacy. Napkins are the size of a smallish blanket, and the surreal lounge ambience - with the Paris night at your feet - is made even more intense by the pool on the terrace.

Dinner for one (without wine): EUR 50-60 on average.

Place Georges Pompidou
19 Rue Beaubourg
75004 Paris
Phone 01 44 78 47 99

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