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Weinmeister Hotel

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Weinmeister Hotel

Weinmeister Hotel is the epicentre of the creative Berlin - a niche hotel for the artsy crowd: artists, filmmakers, advertising people and other creative types. While the façade is somewhat reminiscent of a gilded metallic crate, the graffiti-adorned door - which does not look a like a door at all - evokes nostalgia for the Socialist past of the Mitte district. The lobby counter doubles as a bar just opposite the Schwarz lounge bar named after the German film star Jessica Schwarz; the giant chairs would suit Gulliver or Alice during her travels in the Wonderland. One thing is clear - they are sure to take anyone who would sit in them for an unpredictable tour of their own imagination. The lobby itself reminds of a small labyrinth which is navigated through narrow passages along the walls and niches, past columns dressed in felt 'corsets'. Felt is the main material used in the finish of the décor; according to the legend, the choice was inspired by the German art icon Joseph Beuys. The warm colour-scheme - beige, chocolate brown, pistachio green, grey and white - adds a touch comfortable homey feel to the extravagance of the Weinmeister. However, the most important thing in a hotel is always the rooms. The central element of their décor encapsulates the essence of any hotel - the bed, with the Weinmeister Hotel addressing the matter with a theatrically grand gesture, of course. The 2x2 metre bed is placed in the centre of the room, just in front of a panorama window, thus allowing you to feel like either an observer or an actor, depending on your mood. The carcass is upholstered in chocolate brown felt; the sculptural headboard that could be taken for an overturned bed reaches almost to the ceiling. The bed is equipped with reading lamps on both sides; the duvet is so huge there will definitely be enough of it, and the mattress - so comfortable that you could spend the whole day in this cocoon of comfort. In the larger rooms (38-41m²) there is a bath on the other side of bed with an adjacent separate bathroom and a shower. At Weinmeister Hotel, the traditional TV set is replaced with Apple iMac; the substitute for the classical wardrobe is equally colourful: it is based on a travel trunk that can be opened, lifting the lid by leather handles. In every other sense, the set design of the rooms seems understated, even robustly laconic: natural materials, a warm colour-scheme and white walls that make the furniture and lighting fixtures - the design objects - stand out even more.
The Weinmeister comprises 88 rooms; the hotel is located in the very heart of the district of Mitte, just a stone's throw from Auguststrasse, a street literally lined with art galleries. Weinmeister Hotel shares its owners with Lux 11, a fashionable Mitte apartment hotel that has already earned the status of a classic value on the accommodation scene. Wonderful staff, both knowledgeable and friendly, and without the tiniest trace of snobbery. While Weinmeister could not be described as the perfect accommodation for families with children, the larger rooms could also be equipped with an extra bed, should the necessity arise.

Weinmeisterstrasse 2

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