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Cookies Cream

Author: Anothertravelguide.com0 COMMENTS

Cookies Cream

This is a restaurant/mission impossible! It took at least three attempts for the experts to find one of the currently most sought-after of Berlin's trendy hangouts. That's why we feel you would be well advised to first ask the directions to Cookies Cream at the neighbouring hotel - although even that may not be enough to get you there in first try. Once you have got as far as the 55 Behrenstrasse sign hanging in a metal chain, do boldly turn off into the narrow drive-way, even if it may initially seem a somewhat dubious route. Carry on past the staff entrance of the Komische Oper theatre and then, having turned to the right, farther on to the backyard entrance of the hotel. Rubbish bins, transport drives, smells and sounds. Right there - once again to the right, then to the left. A huge stage lamp-shade, probably a borrow from Komische Oper, hanging high above your head will serve as a point of reference. Then take a small flight of stairs down to the entrance to the restaurant. We do sincerely hope you will make it - it is worth the trouble. Cookies Cream comprises a small but perfectly formed vegetarian restaurant on the first floor and a bar-cum-club on the ground floor. Leave your preconceptions of decor niceties behind the door - in case it hasn't happened earlier as you were slipping past the rubbish bins. The place seems to have been caught in a time warp since the fall of the Berlin Wall: a 1970s-1980s socialist chic. There is no sign of the usual stars, crosses or similar elements; instead of that - half-painted or unpainted walls, sawn-off pipe fragments for chandeliers and a sofa upholstered in run-of-the-mill canvas - as likely as not, the handiwork of the owners. Only a few ornamental pieces and the play of lights do their bit to refresh the slightly industrial-looking, seemingly unfinished room. You also get more than just a glimpse of the kitchen activities.
Surprisingly, you are unlikely to find a vacant table without booking it in advance. It almost looks as if the whole alternative-minded artsy crowd of the city is currently craving a night at Cookies Cream; this is the perfect spot for those who feel like a taste of a different Berlin.
The restaurant is only open for dinner. The prices are highly acceptable: a three-course meal from EUR 28.

55 Behrenstraße 55
10117 Mitte, Berlin
Phone: 0049. (0)30. 27 49 29 40

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