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Monsieur Vuong

Author: Anothertravelguide.com0 COMMENTS

Monsieur Vuong

Definitely the best eatery in Berlin! This place can make you addicted, and the thing is - its almost magical attraction is not easy to put into words. It is a small family-owned Vietnamese restaurant with extremely friendly prices and serves food prepared from ancient family recipes. The place is always full and there are always people lining up at the entrance (particularly during the traditional mealtimes). And waiting in a queue is inevitable since at Monsieur Vuong they don't accept reservations. True enough, the waiting is not long: customers are served at lightning speed and the whole experience is worth every minute spent in line. The company is not bad, either: respectable bankers rubbing shoulders with besuited clerks, artists and students. You may even find that the experience of dining at Monsieur Vuong loses a bit of its original charm should you unexpectedly find yourself inside without having to wait.
The interior is very simple yet nice: the eye is drawn to the Oriental colour scheme (red walls) and the figure of Buddha. The tables with small wood stools are so closely spaced that you catch yourself recalling your old school days. Even if you arrive with a companion, don't expect anyone to bother asking if you might perhaps like to sit somewhere private: you will be seated at any table that happens to have some free space (you could find yourselves in the company of four complete strangers). The ambience is pulsing with energy like a miniature model of the metropolis: a real hustle and bustle, people rushing to and fro, noises, conversations... everything happening at once.
The wall is proudly adorned with a photo of the owner as a young and sinewy guy in a striped shirt. (He is pushing sixty now.) The whole family works at the restaurant, and the owner himself likes to come out and shake hands with the customers. (If you notice a chain-smoking gentleman in a white suit, that's him.) And yet, the most important thing around here is definitely food. The menu is on the small side (a couple of salads and on or two main courses - changed every other day) but the fare is incredibly moreish. (Not to mention the friendly prices.) Excellent chicken salad (EUR 6)with sprouts, ice lettuce, peanuts, coriander and the special Vuong sauce (the practically addictive ingredients are a closely guarded family secret). And the soup! Think piping hot chicken broth served with chopped pre-boiled chicken, noodles, parsley and fresh vegetables - zucchini and carrots inside - blanched, not boiled in the broth the pieces are still crunchy and haven't lost a bit of their fresh flavour. The serving size is respectable but half-size helpings are available.
The service is excellent and all waiters are Vietnamese. The thing with Vuong is - if you have dined here once, you are 100 % sure to come back for more.
It won't be easy to spend more than EUR 12 per person for your dinner.

46 Alte Schonhauser Strasse
Phone: 308 726 43

Open midday to midnight
Sundays from 2 pm

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