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Pane e Acqua

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Pane e Acqua

Napkins hanging from the ceiling and a wall covered in giant green foam leaves, resembling luscious and verdant vines. Another wall is adorned by mirrors and gleaming silver trays. There are almost no two similar tables and chairs there, and almost all of them are for sale as well. It décor features lots of resourceful details, like a candleholder, made of a bent fork, placed on a little white plate. A waiter comes, lights a candle and hands you a menu. Not a usual one, of course, but a slightly faded volume of Ernesto Ferrero novel, with an insertion devoted to cookery attached inside it, instead of a preface. The choice of food is not confined to water and bread, as the name of this place might suggest, but is vast enough for any gastronomic and intellectual tastes. The restaurant Pane e Acqua forms a part of Spazzio Rossana Orlandi or the lifestyle emporium of the Milan-based design gallerist Rossana Orlandi. Housed in a former tabaccheria or a tobacco shop, it was opened in 2008 and is located in a quiet residential area far off the normal tourist tracks of the city. The new owner has carefully preserved the patina of time of the robust, industrial-style building, and nothing is concealed or beautified there - neither electric cables nor a coil of water hose, used as a decoration in the bathroom. All the outdated items have acquired an entirely new and completely different life there, adding an eclectic and a superbly cozy touch to this place, and proving that imagination and inspiration knows no limits. No design elements are used just for embellishment - all the things have a soul and a purpose of their own. Moreover, the décor is changed annually, to sustain its freshness and fit the current mood.
Unlimited creativity is a keynote of its cuisine as well, even allowing some culinary hooliganism within the framework of a typical Italian cuisine. All the ingredients are fresh, locally grown and obtained mostly from farmers. If you wish to relish an entire bouquet of Pane e Aqcua tastes, it's advisable to order menu degustazione consisting of seven dishes for 50 euro.
The service is impeccable and knowledgeable waiters are able to answer all the menu-related questions in great detail.

Via Matteo Bandello, 14

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