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Wait and See

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Wait and See

It has long since ceased to be a secret: the best shopping spots in Milan are to be found outside the legendary quadrilatero della moda worshipped by tourists - the 'golden quadrangle' that comprises four streets, namely Via Montenapoleone, Via Della Spiga, Via Santo Spirito and Via Sant'Andrea. Even the life-style temple that is 10 Corso Como has lost its former status of an It-address, at least among the Milanesi: just like a temple of any other kind, it is swarming mostly with tourists. It does not mean, however, that the era of the so-called 'concept stores' is approaching its end"; quite the opposite, they are becoming more refined and original, regarding their offer as well as the location. Until recently, one of the currently most popular sources of inspiration and 'retail therapy' spots among the Milanese style gourmets was Spazzio Rossana Orlandi, housed in a tobacco factory conversion; it has now been joined by Wait and See, a concept store set up in a former monastery building and run by the ex-design consultant of Etro and Missoni, Umberta Zambeletti. Do not come here looking for well-known brands with loud names: there are more than enough of those in Milan as it is. What Wait and See does best is things with personality: clothing, accessories, little design and life-style items for grownups and children: a sort of bohemian luxury. There is a tiny twist to everything at Wait and See; at no time, however, does it become exaggerated or a goal in and of itself - neither in style nor in price. The decor of Wait and See is equally colourful: clothing items and accessories are displayed on time-worn pieces and parts of furniture which have been given a second lease on life this way: former wardrobe drawers and wicker baskets have been transformed into one-of-the kind shop shelves. The interior has retained its original ancient monastery ceiling and doors, even shutters. And yet, there is nothing over-the-top about it: in literary terms, there are just enough epithets to make it a good read, as it were. Better still, no-one tries to hurry you: you are left well alone and free to taste and enjoy as long as you wish. Wait and See is located in Via Santa Marta, one of the most charming streets in the old Milan: small, narrow, cobbled and lined by historical buildings.

14 Via Santa Marta



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