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Isole di Sicilia

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Isole di Sicilia

Siciliainbocca (which translates as "Sicily in the mouth") are two restaurants that serve possibly the best Sicilian cuisine in the whole of Rome; both are owned by the same Sicilian family and quite well-known among the locals. One of them is located quite close to the MAXXI museum of contemporary art and Parco della Musica acoustic concert hall (390 Via Flaminia, phone: 063240187); you will find the other a stone's throw from San Pietro and Vattican (26, Via E. Faa di Bruno, phone: 06 373 58400). Late 2007 saw the family open the third restaurant, this time with a different name, Isole di Sicilia: unlike the first two, the place's speciality is specifically the cucina of the small Sicilian islands. The restaurant's location is ideally suited for a night out - it is the soulful and inspiring district of Trastevere.
You are not very likely to find two similar plates or bowls in the whole restaurant: the unique handmade crockery was made by Sicilian ceramists; quite possibly you will catch yourself staring admiringly at the vibrantly coloured patterns long after the actual food is gone. The menu mostly features typical gastronomic traditions of the Sicilian islands; the night starts with some wonderful starters followed by lots of differently prepared fish and seafood, including a treat hard to find anywhere else in Rome - octopus risotto. There is also a lot to choose from if you prefer "landfood". The Sicilian sun endows both red and white wines with a special intensity of flavour - a fact that will make very happy all aficionados of heavy and full-bodied (corposo) wines. And that's exactly the kind of wines best suited for Sicilian cuisine: the harsh Southern sun has inspired the islanders to create an equally intense style of cooking. You would be well advised to take to heart the owners' suggestions when choosing your wine - or even leaving the whole meal to their discretion, in other words, allowing them to feed you properly.
Sicilian sweets deserve a special mention: cannoli, cassata, mazapane, pigniolata - various combinations of almond flour, ricotta, honey, pine nuts, fresh and dried fruit in traditional desserts. Do have a word on the subject with the owners; you may also experience a true revelation where sweet wines are concerned: the choice is not inferior to that of the actual desserts and the wines are great at subtly complimenting the flavours of the already fabulous flavours.
Refresh your memories of the eating scenes in Lampedusa's Il Gattopardo before heading for Isole di Sicilia: it will inspire you.

Dinner for one: EUR 50-60 (wine not included).

68/69 Via Garibaldi
Phone: 06 58 33 42 12

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