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Worth Knowing

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-For calls to Rome, the international code is +39; city code - 06
- The distance from FiumicinoAirport to the centre of Rome is 15 km; expect a taxi trip of 30-45 minutes (average fare 45 EUR); 35 minutes by train to Termini Station (11 EUR).

- Useful phone numbers for taxis:
La Capitale (06 4994)
Samarcanda (06 55511)
Cooperativa Romana di Radio-Taxi (06 3570)

- To arm yourself against the disappointment and stress that is sure to come if you plan on visiting the Vatican Museum at the height of the tourist season (the huge line will crush the soul of even the most eager visitor), reserve your tickets on-line. It will cost you a bit more, but it will save you time, as well as your nerves. One option:

- Reservation of tickets beforehand is also strongly recommended if you plan on visiting the Borghese Gallery (see Museums). You can do so through or

- In Italy, cappuccino is considered a food, and it is deemed uncouth to drink it after 11:00 AM. If you do, then you'll make it clear to everyone that you are an uninformed tourist.

- If the urge to see Fredrico Fellini's La Dolce Vita (1960) strikes, head to Azzurro Scipioni (Via degli Scipioni 82, Prati). This independent art-house cinema, not far from St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican, is uniquely Roman in terms of atmosphere. Established and owned by the avant-garde director Silvano Agosti, it often shows his films and those of his peers. Two small screening rooms, Lumière and Chaplin, offer both current and classic Italian cinema. Seating is provided by old airliner seats, taking the serious cinema-phile on a captivating visual flight.

-At sunset Roman rooftops assume a rusty colour. The best place for watching the nocturnal Rome is one of the hotel rooftop bars, for example, at Grand Hotel de la Minerve near the Pantheon (69 Piazza della Minerva) or Raphael (2 Largo Febo).

- From time immemorial Romans have taken special pride in their unique, a bit sweet-tasting water. It has even been said that this might be the real secret of the world-famous Roman gelato. The ancient Romans built 11 aqueducts, and the innumerable metal fountains are still being actively used.

- Via Vittorio Veneto is one of the locations where Fellini's La Dolce Vita was shot in 1960. Pay particular attention to Caffè de Paris, Fellini's favourite café, 90 Via Vittorio Veneto. It has to be said that most amenities of this famous street are consumed by armadas of American tourists these days. Their favourite meeting place, Hard Rock Café, is situated here, and just opposite it - in Palazzo Margherita, the palace of Queen Margherita - the American Embassy. An intriguing bit of trivia to ponder while looking at the palace: the US Ambassador's office is said to be set up in what used to be the Queen's ball room...

- After some serious supper in Trastevere it makes sense to go for a little walk and climb the Janiculum (Gianicolo). You will discover possibly the most beautiful view of the old town rooftops from Piazza Garibaldi; for a more spiritual experience you just have to cross the square and sooth your eyes on the lighted dome of Basilica di San Pietro.

- EUR, l'Esposizione Universale di Roma, a unique architectural landmark the size of a whole city district. Il Duce, preparing for the 1942 world exhibition, had decided to implement the project of the Third Rome. The idea was to connect the Piazza Venetia with the sea, creating a united architectonic ensemble. World War II started, and the design was carried out only partially. Impressions of a completely different Rome guaranteed.

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