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Borgo Porta Rossa, Negrar

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Borgo Porta Rossa, Negrar

Call it the spirit of the house or a feeling of unbelievable suitability, but there really are places of lodging that you just don't want to leave. And the Borgo Porta Rossa B&B, situated in a 15th-century aristocratic manor, is one of these. Known as one of the most special places one can stay while in Verona, it could very well be a destination in its own right. The concept behind Borgo Porta Rossa is quite unique for Europe, for even though many establishments label themselves as “eco-style”, Borgo Porta Rossa is one of the very few who adhere to the green lifestyle down to the smallest of details. The owners, Patrizia Krisa (with a background in the fashion business) and Alessandro Griso (a designer), believe that “it isn't enough that we try to use only organically grown foods; these principles must also apply to the environment around us.”

Foto: Borgo Porta Rossa, NegrarFoto: Borgo Porta Rossa, NegrarFoto: Borgo Porta Rossa, Negrar

Both the building and the gardens of Borgo Porta Rossa have been reconstructed and developed according to environmentally responsible parameters, and absolutely everything that can be labeled as organic, is – from the ingredients of your breakfast to the toiletries, bedclothes and cleaning products used both indoors and out. All of the furniture falls into the category of “reuse or recycle”, and are either original to the manor or are transformed pieces from Patrizia's impressive collection. “All my life I was going around the world, and I have a huge collection of furniture from many countries: France, Italy, Germany.... And then I mix the things together or transform them. Sometimes you have items that are made for one purpose, but you can change them around and they can serve another purpose, have another life,” explains Patrizia. Thus, for example, she used a metal railing that she found in the attic, which had once been used to keep small children away from a staircase, to make a dish drying rack. Many of the home’s historical details were preserved as the couple reconstructed the villa into a hotel. One such detail is the 15th-century toilet or, rather, covered hole, because there was no plumbing back then. Integrated into today’s interior, the former aristocratic “pot” now serves as a humorous decorative element.

Beige and a gradient of whites dominate in the interior design, elegantly and warmly playing off of the stone walls and authentically old wall paintings that have been carefully preserved; the end result is a warm patina and a feeling of hominess. Aesthetic joy can be found in practically every detail as your eye regularly alights on nuance of design, texture or light that you hadn't noticed before. Borgo Porta Rossa's location is just as special – on the crest of a hill with vineyards down below, and in the distance – Lake Grada and the snowy caps of the Alps.

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