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EcoCatering 'Telpa'

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EcoCatering 'Telpa'

While the premises of the former Veldze beverage factory might not be among the cosiest ever seen, they suited the founder of the EcoCatering company chef Rihards Frīdenbergs Kalniņš just fine to create a work venue for his team and himself and a good honest eatery for friends and guests.

An experienced chef who has worked in restaurants in Italy, Austria and UK, Frīdenbergs Kalniņš has a genuine passion for ecologically clean and perfectly prepared food and is keen to do things differently. Normally, EcoCatering is serving their food at green fairs and offsite banquets, as well as at schools, nursery schools and orphanages. 'I adore children and love serving them delicious, exciting and, of course, healthy meals,' says Frīdenbergs Kalniņš who works with 'Brīvā Māras skola' alternative primary school and L'École Française Jules Verne de Riga to offer children a daily well-balanced menu that the kids also find appealing. As for nursery schools and orphanages, EcoCatering visits the children, bringing treats and teaching them ecological values and principles of green living: preparing an ostrich egg omelette and cooking some delicious soup on open fire...

For the last few months, however, the fruits of their enthusiasm have been available to the general public in the courtyard of 8 Matīsa Street, next door to the EcoCatering kitchen; Frīdenbergs Kalniņš and his team are set to continue serving food here at least through September. If you find that your batteries are running low as the lunch hour approaches, you might find it worth the while to visit the dining hall set up in the second floor of the former factory building. Time has peeled off some of the plastering on the old building's walls, proceeding to rip some of the brickwork seams; nevertheless, some basic scrubbing and cleaning has been enough to create a pleasant alternative dining space that lends itself well to enjoying a delicious meal. You can also settle down on the outdoor terrace featuring a red-hot barbecue grill and gardening boxes with pumpkin and tomato plants, chilies, basil, sage and tarragon instead of flowers.

Check out the menu of the day on the blackboard, and you will realise that making up your mind might not be that easy after all. What do you do if you have just ordered a venison burger and suddenly see a plate of pearl barley salad with butter-fried chanterelles and green peas drifting by in the direction of the neighbouring table? You will just have to make it a two-course lunch.

The EcoCatering team only uses ingredients supplied by certified organic farms or individual farms that have earned the company's trust.

Opening hours:
M: 12.00-18.00 (BRUNCH)
T.-S.: 12.00-16.00 (BRUNCH), 16.00-20.00 (DINNER)
S.: 12.00-18.00 (BRUNCH)

Phone: +371 20371170

Photo: Kirils Kirasirovs

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