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Raw Garden

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Raw Garden

Raw Garden in Riga represents a raw food lifestyle, which means eating fresh, unprocessed and living food - freshly harvested fruit, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds. If anything is treated with heat, it never exceeds 45°C! Consequently, there is neither stove nor oven in the kitchen, just a steamer, shredder and blender. Preparing food like this allows maximizing nutrient content in your meal. Moreover, Raw Garden offers fresh and raw gourmet style cuisine!

Its menu is a genuine marvel, in fact, partly because it offers the very first raw food experience in Latvia. The restaurant's menu has been developed and the chef has been trained in cooperation with a Raw Food expert from the USA and it's a delicious spot for vegetarians, vegans or anyone who perceives food as a source of health, energy and enjoyment.

Would you care for lasagna in which strips of wheat pasta, meat and cheese are substituted by layers of nut cheese, spinach, paprika and tomatoes? Or, for instance, Raw Garden zucchini, nori or rice leaf rolls filled with cucumber, avocado, paprika, pickled carrots, served with a delicious sauce - mango chutney or nut mayonnaise? Intriguing combinations of main course - that's not all yet! Perhaps you'd like to go for light snacks - guacamole with carrot chips and leafy salad, locally-grown pumpkin soup or else - try mango or Thai cucumber soup.

Yes indeed, carrot chips, nut mayonnaise, nut cheese (walnut parmesan or almond cheese) may sound like some kitchen witchcraft! There is also nut milk, vegetable toasts and seed bread! These and many more magic blends and combinations can be crowned with an amazing, super-healthy dessert, for example, a delicious melt-in-your-mouth cheese cake made of walnuts, almonds and dates with nut cheese filling and bright berry topping.

Raw Garden berry smoothie tastes like a handful of freshly picked, sun-filled berries. Entire lists of smoothies seem like a genuine source of health, energy and vitality. It contains also nutritional information of each one, allowing making your best choice - would it be anti-aging and immune system strengthening properties you are looking for or perhaps something that boosts metabolism and a digestion process.

The restaurant's seasonal menu features mostly vegetables in winter, while during the warm season it boasts all kinds of leafy greens, while all the locally grown ingredients arrive from biological farms all across Latvia.

Raw Garden surrounds its guests with a quiet and serene atmosphere. A tiny flowerpot with fresh green shoots on each table resembles a palm-size spring while big and cozy pumpkins on windowsills radiate sunshine and healthiness.

Raw Garden wine bar offers organic non alcoholic ginger wine and Latvian birch wine.

The owners and the personnel of the place are raw food connoisseurs and convinced raw foodists themselves and therefore they know what to suggest!

12 Skolas Street
Phone: +371 22302296!/RawGarden_


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