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Slacklining in Riga

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Slacklining in Riga

In our daily lives we rarely ponder about the importance of balance. Balance can be described as a dialogue between our mind and body on the one hand and the laws of nature on the other. Sports disciplines that involve balancing existed already in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, and it was well before the traditional rope-walking and circus acrobatics emerged. The very first tightrope walk over the Niagara Falls is registered in the 19th century but in 1970s, already in modern times New York, some enthusiasts managed to pull a rope between Manhattan's Twin Towers.
While tightrope walking similar to trampoline jumping is oftentimes used for balance training in various sports that require perfect coordination of movements and good control of one's body, slacklining has developed as a fully independent sports and leisure time practice.

Slacklining in Naples - Red Bull Airlines 2013

Lines that are used in slacklining are usually flat and are never rigidly taut, therefore are flexible enough for exercising various slacklining techniques and performing tricks. Slacklines can vary from simple ones for balance training, walking, squatting and turning around to super-elastic jiblines that work as a trampoline and allow learning jumps, somersaults and double backflips.
Although it is an entirely new sport, slacklining is rapidly developing and its popularity is growing. A huge fueling force behind its development is Gibbon Slacklines, the world's leading slackline manufacturer and an ardent promoter of slacklining culture ever since 2007.

Foto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in Riga

The most active slacklining time so far in Latvia has been this year and the previous one. There are several groups of slackline enthusiasts in Riga - mostly friends coming together for regular trainings. Usually they suspend lines in parks between trees. Some of them are just focusing on walking and training their balance, others are trying slacklining over water (longlining) or mastering

Foto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in Riga

The most skilled ones pulled a line across Baltezers canal in Jugla. They walked across, plunged into the water, swam ashore and tried again and again. Waterlining across a swimming pool, a lake or a river can be a truly exciting and engaging pastime, yet it's important to make sure that water is deep enough and there are no obstacles in it. It has to be mentioned that waterlining perhaps is not the best option for total beginners. Seeing solid ground beneath helps a lot in the beginning, which is not the case in waterlining - shimmering and rippling water makes the job even more difficult. A different support point has to be chosen in this case, for example, something at the other end of the line, and it is considerably more difficult and requires even greater concentration.

Foto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in Riga

Another slacklining spot in the city is Kronvalda Park in Riga, and slackwalkers usually gather there during weekday evenings. Also Ķengarags district has announced itself as an emerging slacklining area.
Once a year an adventure organization "Lūzumpunkts" in Andrejsala is pulling lines and holding a Slackline party. It's a tradition started 4 years ago. The underlying idea of the very first party was to clean the only remaining green area in Andrejsala, supplementing the event with a slackline activity. This year's Slackline party attracted a record number of participants. Approximately 60 slackline experts, fans and enthusiasts gathered on 8th of July, about 20 lines were pulled and competitions took place both in longline and jibline disciplines.

Foto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in RigaFoto: Slacklining in Riga

Aside of pop-up spots, there are also some permanent slackline places in Riga - at "Gandrs" climbing tower at Kalnciema Street, at Olympic Sports Centre and also wakeboarding parks, including Lucavsala sports complex.
Learn more about slackline activities in Latvia on Facebook page Slackline in Latvia, offering lots of ideas and information. Practicing together with like-minded people is always more effective, so, if you are interested, try joining some slackline enthusiasts. It's a great chance to share experience, encourage each other and even hold some competitions. To begin with, you can come to a slackline party - to see how it's done, to mix and meet and perhaps to join in!

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