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Materia Bikes

Author: Māra Miķelsone0 COMMENTS

Materia Bikes

Cēsu Street lies right on the shoulder of the centre of Riga, accommodating most different shops and facilities – from a small theatre costume shop to a large business quarters. And in the middle of it all stands “Materia Bikes” salon. The company has recently merged with the historic bicycle manufacturer “Ērenpreiss” thus expanding their selection of the outstanding bicycles. Both company directors are confident that the cooperation of combining two unique ideas will help to optimize not only corporate operations, but also product quality and variety.

When entering the premises of Cēsu Street 21, a bike showroom presents itself where visitors can check out even the tiniest details of both “Materia Bikes” and “Ērenpreiss” products. Furthermore, the showroom hoses a small workshop in the basement of the premises. It provides all bicycle owners with repair and maintenance services of their bikes. Although all kinds of two-wheelers are accepted regardless of their manufacturer or material, the central specialty of the workshop is wooden and fixed-gear bikes.

Foto: Materia Bikes

Head of “Ērenpreiss” - Toms Ērenpreiss (grandson of the talented Latvian craftsman Gustavs Ērenpreiss’s brother) - tells us that these inimitable fixed-gear bicycles are suitable for people of style, enthusiasts who prefer to spend their days in the city by pedalling with an original fixed-gear; a fixed-gear that owns not only qualitative, but also historical value. What started out as an idea of simply restoring old “Ērenpreiss” fixed-gear bikes has now transformed into the production of brand new bicycles, combining historical values with modern solutions, and currently offering bikes of 6 different models.

Whereas the story of „Materia Bikes” began in 2014 with two talented students of Riga Technical University, Faculty of Materials Science and Applied Chemistry. They decided to create a dissertation in the frameworks of which a unique project was developed – a bicycle made out of wood. It was noticed by entrepreneur Martins Zemītis who invited the students to join for a new project – manufacturing exclusive wooden bicycles. Thanks to the talented minds, best-quality bicycles were created that are currently valued not only in Latvia, but also in Europe. The products of “Materia Bikes” are still developed by the same recipe the bicycles originated with. Furthermore, each bike is committed with at least 72-hour manual labour of the most intricate precision. Besides, the bicycles are now equipped with unique wooden accessories specially tailored to match particular bikes, such as wooden sunglasses and the so called “Man’s Kit” with a hip flask and a bow-tie made out of wood. Ambassadors of the exclusive wooden bikes are such famous personas as Māris Štrombergs*, Toms Alsbergs** and Kristaps Knops*** who have proven the quality and significance of “Materia Bikes” products.

*Māris Štrombergsis a professional BMX rider who has earned a nickname „Machine” for his prevalence in the sport. Māris is a two-time Olympic and World Champion, as well as a three-time European champion.

**Toms Alsbergs is a ten-time Red Bull Mini Drome champion, as well as the world record holder for the fastest lap in the Mini Drome. Toms supports the fixed-gear bike culture engaging in various events devoted to the culture.

***Kristaps Knopsis a Latvian Master cyclist, as well as the former National Team Track cyclist who has participated in European championships for 17 years. Kristaps won a Silver Medal in the Championship of Latvia and acquired 3rd place in the overall national ranking.

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