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Fifteen Amsterdam

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Fifteen is a good enough reason to jump on your bike and head for the Amsterdam docklands. Fifteen Amsterdam is a franchise of the London restaurant opened by Jamie Oliver, the British celebrity chef and TV star. It is a unique concept of gastronomic art, socially conscious entrepreneurship and marketing. In 2002 when Oliver first opened his Fifteen restaurant, he hoped to create a top-class restaurant while giving a second chance to difficult youngsters: unemployed, addicts or simply life's misfits. One of the restaurant's main objectives is supporting and training 15 young people who have found themselves at a dead end, turning them into professional cooks.
Jamie Oliver has done more than that: he has managed to make the Fifteen concept trendy. Every tiny detail has been given a lot of consideration, from the menu to the location. The interior of Fifteen Amsterdam is as eclectic as life in metropolitan streets. Industrial design-style walls are covered with tin panels adorned with graffiti; pompous-looking chandeliers grace the ceiling. In the trattoria part you will find wood tables with fake leather sofas and a huge wine barrel. The kitchen is open: you can watch the chefs at work from the corner of the eye while carrying on your conversation. The restaurant area is distinguished from the rest of the space by white tablecloths. There is a sort of a lounge with a small library stocked with style and food magazines on one side of the room. The atmosphere is totally relaxed - no dress-code whatsoever.
A very entertaining and friendly service and highly creative cuisine created with perfect knowledge of flavour nuances and combinations. Each dish is a real adventure (pay special attention to the sauces), be it the white wine risotto with greens (EUR 10.50) or Jamies Sexy Salad with mozzarella, Parma ham, oranges and pesto (EUR 9). One of the options is choosing a four-course menu for EUR 46 including everything, from antipasto to the dessert. Jamie Oliver pays special attention to the quality of ingredients, mostly bought at a market. Organic produce is used whenever possible.
An integral part of the Fifteen concept is the Fifteen Foundation, a charity that keeps the lion's share of the Fifteen restaurant's earnings. Each of the countries hosting a Fifteen restaurant has a national foundation, mainly responsible for training young chefs. Fifteen Amsterdam was opened in December 2004 and became the first to operate outside London; Fifteen restaurants in Melbourne, Cornwall and elsewhere have followed suit.

Tasting menu: EUR 46

9 Jollemanhof, 1019, GW, Amsterdam
Phone: 0900 343 8336

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