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Hotel de Goudfazant

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Hotel de Goudfazant

The name of the Hotel de Goudfazant (Golden Pheasant Hotel) restaurant comes from the song De Burgerij (Les Bourgeois), composed by Belgian singer Jacques Brel, and has nothing to do with a hotel. The cult establishment has been able to maintain its respectable status for more than five years, which is quite a long time for a trendy place. Located in a factory territory with an area of 1200 square metres, it reveals the quintessence of industrial chic to the full extent, and was one of the first restaurants of this type to open in the northern part of the city.

The central element of the restaurant's interior is a gigantic light made of glass bottles. The old warehouse walls and rust-stained pillars have been left seemingly untouched by the design. Various spaces - divided by massive wine racks in one place and multi-storey platforms with retro automobiles in another - create an intriguing immensity and confuse one's conception of their borders. The red canteen- style chairs and white linen tablecloths serve as a robustly chic accent. During the summer, stylized picnic tables are placed out next to the water, drawing artists and other creative types.

And yet, would customers travel the complicated route from the city centre to Amsterdam-Noord purely for the design? Of course not. There are other two other reasons to come here; firstly, the splendid relationship between price and quality; and secondly, the great food. The Hotel de Goudfazant's pricing policy has just two payment options - the price for starters is 8.50 EUR (+8.50 EUR, if you want to enjoy the lobster), while main courses cost 18.50 EUR.
The menu is unpretentious, with the emphasis on clear, easily discernible flavours and perfect preparation techniques. It's important not to err when making your choice. If you select grilled chicken, for example, then you should know that you really will get a whole chicken - perfectly grilled, served with lightly seared vegetables. If you choose the duck breast, then you'll receive a substantial portion with orange sauce, which is the best in terms of flavour combinations. If you order eel, then it will be served without any excess fat and accompanied by pesto sauce, spinach and boiled potatoes.

The Hotel de Goudfazant is definitely worth visiting if you're in Amsterdam for more than a day. There's guaranteed to be a queue, but this can be forgiven because the service is outstanding. Plus, the glass of champagne that you've consumed if the line has been a bit too long may not make it onto the bill.

Aambeeldstraat 10 H
Amsterdam (Noord)
T.: +31 20 6365170



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