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The Most

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Moscow is a fickle lover and changes its favourites at lightning speed. Only recently throngs of admirers were gathering at Galleria (27 Petrovka); today the tide has already turned and the crowds are heading for the GQ Bar (5 Baltschug Dom), an Asian-style restaurant owned by Arkady Novikov, the shark of the Moscow restaurant scene; the central feature of its interior is an impressive open kitchen. The Most is another option. The recently opened restaurant-cum-club is currently the it place of the Russian capital; the insiders' club ambience works like a magnet on the glamour in-crowd of the metropolis. In other words, The Most is the place to be seen at. The name of the restaurant is actually a play on that of the previous "tenant", the Most (bridge in Russian) club. It has now re-opened its door, having added the definite article to its name, thus implying superlative quality and style. The interior is slightly reminiscent of a miniature of a French palace: the imitation of authentic opulence has been perfected to the smallest detail. After just a few minutes you lose any concept of real time and space. Gilt and velvet chairs, black velvet ottomans for the ladies' handbags (a functionally extravagant detail which has already become a Moscow restaurant classic), crystal chandeliers, velvet drapes, a gold and beige-dominated colour-scheme, waiters dressed in keeping with the magnificent décor, silver sugar-bowls and glassware by Riedel - in short, the perfect film set for a piece on little games played by crème de la crème of French aristocracy. Except, my friends, this is actually Moscow and all the mise-en-scènes are enacted live - providing you have come here for a late dinner, not for your morning coffee, at which time the practically deserted Most restaurant is a very quiet place, no more than a somewhat dim reflection of its nocturnal splendour - a stage without actors.
The menu is a blend of French and Russian cuisines; the head chef Eric Le Provos used to work at Carré Blanc before joining The Most team. While the food is definitely very good, it is by no means particularly adventurous or the main reason for visiting the place. For your information: like many other Moscow restaurants, The Most serves business lunches for the quite appealing sum of RUR 700 (USD 30) per person, and that's really good value for money. The adjoining Most nightclub is currently the most popular watering hole in the Russian capital; on a Friday night the narrow street is literally jam-packed with Maybachs and Bentleys.

6/3 Kuznetsky Most
Phone: + 7 (495) 660-0706

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