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Comerc 24

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Comerc 24

Comerç 24 definitely is an adventure of tastes! It's worth a visit if you are fascinated by a contemporary Catalonian cuisine and gastronomic surprises in their most inventive manifestations. Comerç 24 is located in a stylish El Born area, on the same name street, just a short walking distance from the Chocolate Museum. It specializes in gourmet tapas, yet a menu does not give much detail on what you will get. The choice lies mainly between two tasting menus - Festival or Grand Festival, depending on how hungry you are. And then - surrender an amazing experience of tastes, textures and colors of most delicious food! Its décor features tranquil black and gray palette with contrasting red and yellow highlights. Walls are adorned with ascetic black & white photos, featuring muscled male torsos. The amuse-bouche, gold-dusted macadamia nuts and olives, comes in a little dish, resembling a cleaved off tin. A cubical glass vessel, filled with ice cubes, is placed on a special stand. And the meal itself! You never know what exactly to expect, as it depends on a particular day's offer. A waiter just inquires if you prefer fish or meat, have any allergies or dislike any food. Then a feast of flavors may start - artichoke ice-cream with octopus ravioli and devil-fish, tuna tartar with roe and an indefinable, yet incredibly delicious sauce... Serving style has its charming peculiarities. Knives, for example, are brought neatly in a box - a set of five, all absolutely identical - take whichever feels the best for you. Dessert is an amazing artwork on a plate - you will feel sorry to destroy it. And what an wonderful bouquet of tastes and colors! The owner of Comerç 24 is Carles Abellán, dubbed enfant terrible of Catalonian cuisine and a protégé of the legendary chef Ferran Adrià. Speaking of Comerç 24, he compares it with a bar."The bar is an emotion. It's a way of life. At a bar you eat like you're at a party, and I want my restaurant to capture that style." Moreover, tapas are perfect for gastronomic experiments and tasting tiny amounts of everything. Reckon you will spend at least two hours of enjoyment there, even though dishes arrive smoothly, without any big gaps in between. At Comerç 24 even seasoned gourmets feel little kids, being not able to conceal their surprise over contents of their plates. Reservations required in advance.

Comerç, 24
Phone: +34 93 319 21 02

Opened: 13.30 to 15.30; 20.30 to 00.00, except Sundays

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