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Quimet & Quimet

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Quimet & Quimet

No bigger than a breadbox, or rather, the size of a small guest room, Quimet & Quimet is one of the most famous tapas bars in Barcelona. The bar is a fourth-generation family-owned enterprise, whose walls are filled to the ceiling with wine bottles and a variety of Quimet & Quimet relics from an eventful past. Everything here is standing room only - whether at the bar counter or by two miniature tables. During the day, at peak periods, people stand shoulder to shoulder and there is usually also a crowd outside. According to popular lore, this is one of the most favourite tapas bars of the Spanish culinary star, Ferran Adria, which of course gives Quimet & Quimet an additional aura of appeal.

For the most part, the patrons are local, chatting away and fillling their glasses from an impressive flask filled with Quimet & Quimet's own house wine (cava). There is a small menu, but it is best to trust the host behind the bar counter and allow improvisations to take hold. As neither lunch nor dinner are served here, and because the bar serves as a place to snack before a hearty meal - there are no fried, grilled or any type of cooked tapas. Everything on offer can be seen at the bar counter - tuna, anchovies and an assortment of seafood, ham, marinated vegetables, cheese and bread, as is common at many typical tapas bars. The tapas can be created in different combinations and are served on small plates. The appetizers, the wine and the beer are all excellent. In short, falling into temptation is very easy. Depending to the size of your appetite and taste in wine, you will spend 10 EUR or more.

Quimet & Quimet is located in the Poble Sec district of Barcelona (roughly a 20-minute walk from the touristy Ramblas), which is known for its proletarian past, and the district has not lost this aura even today. However, this may change in time, as tends to happen to former out-of-the-way and alternative districts. During the 1940s, Poble Sec's main artery - the Avinguda del Paral-lel, was famous for its musicals and cabarets, but later fell out of favour. However, the latest city development plan seeks to revitalize Para-lel to its former status as the Broadway of Catalonia.

The first signs of a Broadway spring are already here. Recently, after a 15-year hiatus, one of the most iconic local cabarets - El Molino or Barcelona' s equivalent of the legendary Moulin Rouge of Paris, opened its doors with a revamped image. Nearby, one can find the 41 cocktail bar and the Tickets restaurant, which just celebrated its first birthday. Both are owned by the popular Spanish master chefs, the Brothers Adria. By gradually diluting the colourful locals with a global trendy clientele, Poble Sec is making its way back into the tourist maps of Barcelona.

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