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Insider: Christoph Huber

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Insider: Christoph Huber

Zurich has the perfect city size

Coffee is “the new wine”, and if you’re a connoisseur of the beverage, the real place to enjoy it in Zurich is Café Henrici. Named after Christian Friedrich Henrici, who wrote the libretto for Johann Sebastian Bach’s Coffee Cantata, the café is located in a historical 14th-century building in the Old Town that was formerly a beer house. The café’s interior feels youthful and inclusive. The owners, Olivia and Christoph Huber, lived for a time in San Francisco and returned to Zurich six years ago, greatly inspired by California’s coffee culture. Christoph waits on most of the café’s guests himself, generously sharing his suggestions of other currently hot spots in the city. Here are some of them.

What do you love most about living in Zurich?

Zurich has the perfect city size. Locals, expats, tourists and business people from all generations easily find their favourite hang-out spots. Also, compared to other cities in Switzerland, Zurich tends to be faster at integrating new ideas and concepts.

How would you describe a perfect weekend spent in the city?

Depending on what you’re looking for, you will find it. The best way to get around is by free bicycle rentals offered at various outlets, or the trams will take you to every corner. Cruise along the lake or the Limmat River or straight through the city; you’re pretty much anywhere in 15-20 minutes. There’s a newspaper called Züritipp, where all the cultural and culinary happenings are listed. Find your treat and go get it. In the evenings there’s plenty of live music, also in smaller venues, and a thriving bar scene with properly made drinks. Get your Sunday brunch with a Bloody Mary and take a ferry ride on the lake with direct views of the mountains.

Which places do you recommend for creative minds as a source of inspiration and the   hippest at the moment?

The Kreis 4 neighbourhood around Langstrasse is the creative mecca of Zurich. I guess that’s because most young entrepreneurs, designers, writers and makers are hanging out there.

Which are your favourite hangouts in Zurich at the moment and why?

Idaplatz for a mellow neighbourhood feeling, Helsinkiklub and La Catrina Bar for great live music.

What is a thing you have never done in Zurich that you would love to do?

I will soon join one of the free walking tours to learn more about the historical aspect of Zurich.

What is the biggest stereotype about Zurich? And why it is or is it not true?

Probably that the city appears a bit spoiled, with a hint of arrogance. Well, if someone gives you that fast-judging look, you are best off to just smile and carry on. They all have a thin shell that doesn’t take much to poke through.

Is there anything you hate about Zurich?

It’s the bureaucracy when asking for permission to do anything. It’s the striving for perfection. I wish officials would just let the greenery grow wilder or that they’d realise a bump on the road adds character.

How do you characterise the true Zurich people?

World-open, progressive and trustworthy.

Do you have a favourite view of the city?

Üetliberg will show you the broadest view of the city. When staying closer in the city, walk up towards the ETH University Polyterrasse.

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