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Insider's View: Kerrin Rousset

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Insider's View: Kerrin Rousset

Sweet Zurich

While most of the world’s inhabitants consider chocolate a sinful treat, for the Swiss it’s almost like bread and water. In other words, chocolate is an integral part of their daily diet. No wonder, then, that Switzerland has long topped the list of countries in chocolate consumption, with the average citizen enjoying nine kilograms, or 209 bars of chocolate, per year. Zurich is a genuine chocolate-lover’s paradise; it is also the city that captured the heart of food and travel writer Kerrin Rousset. Originally from New York, Rousset has lived in Zurich for the past seven years, where she founded Sweet Zurich ( The enterprise offers chocolate tours of the city and also lets visitors see Zurich from a completely different vantage point. Rousset’s two-and-a-half-hour tours stop at all of the city’s sweetest destinations. Along the way, they roam through labyrinths of small streets that a tourist might otherwise not discover.

Which is the sweetest place in Zurich?

The sweetest place for me is Honold in the Old Town. A family-run confiserie since 1905, it's the place I go to for Zopf (Sunday bread) on the weekend, a cream-filled pastry for my husband and high-quality handmade artisanal chocolates for me (including my very favourite, “Lotti's Best”).

What do you love most about living in Zurich?

When you live in Zurich, you truly experience what is so often said about the city – that the quality of life is so high. Downtown you have the charming Old Town, the lake, the river, the mountains in the distance; it's safe and clean and everything just works. So many of the city's stereotypes, from the impeccably timed public transportation to bankers swimming or skiing on their lunch breaks, ring true.

What should one definitely do to feel the vibe of Zurich in all its diversity?

Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets of the Old Town, up and down the luxury avenue Bahnhofstrasse and also through Zürich West, a more artsy and trendy neighbourhood. All three are very different vibes, all three very Zurich. And during the summertime, hang out by the lake, where everyone is.

Which is your favourite Zurich neighbourhood and why?

I just love Lindenhof, the oldest part of the city. It feels like a village set in the big city. So much history, architectural gems and fantastic little shops sprinkled throughout.

Could you name your five favourite restaurants/cafés in Zurich?

Hiltl – unparalleled vegetarian buffet (it's the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe).

Piazzetta – fantastic salads, pastas and the best bread.

Juice Market – great salads and freshly squeezed juices.

Markthalle at the Viadukt – for the market ambience and the mussels.

Schwarzenbach Teecafé – natural syrups and hot chocolate.

Which are you favourite shops in Zurich and why?

Schwarzenbach – heaven for lovers of dried fruit and nuts.

Sibler – culinary objects galore.

Pastorini Spielzeug – an all-wooden toy store. My favourite place to buy presents for friends' children (and my little girl, too!).

What is a thing you have never done in Zurich that you would love 
to do?

I’ve always wanted to spend time at the Observation Deck at the Zurich Airport, but I’ve never got the chance.

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