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Galvin La Chapelle

Author: Mārtiņš Rītiņš0 COMMENTS

Galvin La Chapelle

An award-winning Galvin La Chapelle restaurant has become one of the most sought after gastronomic destinations of London not only thanks to its culinary achievements but due to its historic building as well.
Galvin La Chapelle, with its stained-glass windows and high, vaulted ceilings instantly strikes awe into a viewer. Glancing at the majestic, white-clad tables, you can involuntary imagine an owl from the Harry Potter sequel soaring over them, every bit like in the Witchcraft and Wizardry school's dining room. In reality, the 120-seat restaurant set in the former 18th century women's cloister serves as a venue for Liverpool Street business tycoons and other sophisticated and well-dressed folks now, to eat, drink and celebrate life.
Typically to an upscale restaurant, it features a rather concise menu of just five starters and five main dishes, exquisitely styled food and formally-mannered waiters.
While writing these lines and turning my attention back to Galvin La Chapelle's cuisine, the most fantastic tastes begin to dawn upon my mind...The meal starts with a Mediterranean terrine of fresh vegetables, coated with the finest olive oil; then follow fresh sea scallops and naturally fermented, home-made bread with a delicious thick, crisp crust...Yummy! This time, the culmination of the meal is partridge à la Galvin La Chapelle! A partridge season in England has just started, and it's an absolute must try. What a treat to one's taste buds, and just the way I had imagined it! It's an authentic taste that only a traditional wood-burning oven can give. And finally a dessert - a soufflé with ice-cream and blueberry sauce!
A sommelier matches the most suitable wine to each dish and typically to a good restaurant, wine is available by glass and the choice is very vast.
Galvin La Chapelle is not the cheapest choice at all, yet it's worth every penny paid there. The most attentive service and a truly supreme meal!

35 Spital Square,
London, E1 6DY

T: 020 7299 0400

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