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Maze Grill

Author: Mārtiņš Rītiņš0 COMMENTS

Maze Grill

Opened recently, just this spring, Maze Grill has become a favorite destination of well-off London foodies. Belonging to Gordon Ramsay empire, the restaurant is located right next to Michelin starred Maze (located in the same building), its kitchen being supervised by the same chef - Jason Atherton. Not a tough task at all, perhaps, as both establishments are closely side by side! The renowned British chef has not only acquired his mastery at such culinary superstars as Pierre Koffman, Nico Ladenis and Gordon Ramsay himself, but recently published a cook book, too. Moreover, recipes are based on products available to everyone, not to celebrity chefs alone.
Immediately, as you enter Maze Grill, both the vast dining area and a cocktail bar unfold before you. It décor features light, plain and modern minimalism without lofty ambitions for high style and sophistication. People come to savor good food here, not to gush over a fancy interior. Cozy tables nestle deeper in the room, with view over an open kitchen. Occasionally, when voices tone down, a delicious sound of sizzling steak reaches your ears...
Superb octopus, squid, seadog and oysters, fried in so high temperature that only a thin layer of batter is roasted, while oysters still being alive inside! None the less savory is Maze grill burger - hiding under a soft cap of bread is a thick and juicy layer of meat, chopped not minced. Just perfect!
The main specialty of Maze Grill, however, is its steaks. An outstanding variety of meat - Casterbridge, Hereford, Aberdeen Angus, Creekstone Prime U.S.D.A., as well as superb Wagyu Gold style filet. Animals of this stock receive almost heavenly care in their lifetime - they are massaged with sake and soothed with classical music to relieve any stress. Meat seems like marble, interwoven with tiny threads of fat - just great for steak! At Maze Grill steak is fried on coal, followed by grilling in 650° temperature. Presentation is at the top level as well and starts already in the kitchen. Meat is stored in a special fridge - a glass shelf right behind a bar, so you can see where exactly your dinner is coming from. Wrapped in white cloth, meat samples can be carried right to the table. Drooling and listening waiter's explanations, you may even forget for a while that expected price per decent slice of sizzling Wagyu Gold style is at least £100. It is worth it, however! Not so long, and a brown and juicy stake is brought out on a wooden board, complemented with a fried garlic and a little bunch of thyme. Yummy!
It features a very good wine list, too.

10 - 13 Grosvenor Square, London W1K 6JP
T: 020 7495 2211
F: 020 7592 1603

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