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Camden Market

Author: Elīza Ķibere1 COMMENT

Camden Market

London most definitely is a capital of secondhand booksellers or any other secondhand dealers for that matter. For the most part, it's because some people easily give up things they don't fancy anymore while others readily admit they could still make good use of them. Haggling over second hand goodies goes on in numerous locations around London, mostly unmarked on maps and search untraceable on Even if you have stumbled upon information about some of these car boot sales as locals have dubbed them, finding a certain market and a parking-lot hybrid might still take time and efforts. Exploration of car boot sales or flea markets requires a particular attitude, too. Best of all perceive it as an exciting adventure that's definitely going to result in digging up something appealing and valuable. A belief shared both by general public and antiquarians and connoisseurs of the field is that flea markets are like a real chest of hidden treasures. Be open-minded and the right things will surely reach you!

Camden Market
Camden Market consists of three open yards surrounding its main Victorian-style hall at the Grand Union canal. It has developed on the former timber-yard site where lumber from large ships was brought into the city by small canal boats. Artists use to sell their works at Camden Market already since the 1970s. Its popularity has grown ever since, which is a reason why it's a little more expensive. The market features predominantly contemporary art and design with only occasional presence of old school and vintage items.
Camden Market houses a futuristic fashion house Cyberdog, selling its wacky clubbing gear and cyber clothing. Its loud music, neon lights, glitters, wide leg pants and t-shirts are driving teens crazy.
Purchasing strategy at Camden Market is not to grab the first and the most expensive thing that catches your attention. Be sure to look for less pricy items that really fall into your heart, without leaving you broke.
Good vintage style pieces are not going to be very cheap either - a nice dress of the 60s would cost from 20 to 40 pounds and more while Middle East textiles and Indian ornaments are sold for just one pound.
My top Camden acquisition is a gold-color makeup bag with artificial diamonds from the famous Japanese brand Hello Kitty. I did know that such brand exists only from the internet at that time.
While visiting Camden Market, don't miss treating yourself to Chinese, Japanese of Mexican meal. Moreover, it's advisable to go there in the evening when double-size servings are dished out for half a price. I had a chance to leisurely feast on delicious tiger shrimps for mere 3 £ instead of the typical price of 15 and over.

Camden Town




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